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StarTopic Nintendo General Discussion |ST29 Feb. 2024| Two Handhelds, Both Alike In Dignity

What Is Your Burning Desire? — Read the ST First

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𝖘𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖉 𝖇𝖆𝖘𝖊𝖉
𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖞 / 𝖘𝖍𝖊

The dark came quick and quiet on the world. Every looming catastrophe tugged and tore at the edges of normalcy – it, pleading, grew threadbare and frayed. But when the little lightning ceased, it was soft, they say. You have doubts. But this is what the old ones tell you.

You sit at the mouth of the cave, perched at an angle to gather the grey light of winter. The fire at your side creaks and chatters – good thing, you think, that they didn't lose it in the churn. If fire was lost, you'd fade. If fire was lost, you'd go.

But most of all...

If fire was lost... you'd be booooored! It's already so dull here – so much sitting in between. So much having to wait. You sing and paint and whittle, but it's not all for you. Something's missing between your hands. There's a reflex in your cells, and you don't know how to honor it. What could have belonged there?

As you chew scraps of leather jerky from your pouch, an unfamiliar glint catches your eye. Sunlight?


You'll take that as a no.

You look at your sturdy snack and gasp. There are words here, impressed in gold:


Your pouch is full of shredded book covers! Books! Is that what you're missing?

There's only one way to find out – take this scrap to the old ones. Ask them what it means. What were books like? Discover what's missing!

The First of the Old Ones

She's been staring at it for so long now, grumbling thoughtfully in gathered robes. You're getting impatient – WHY is it taking so long to get to the point?! Will you always be waiting?? What do your hands crave?? How can you live like this?? Finally, she breaks the silence:

"I recognize it, but I'm not sure how to explain it to you."

You twitch. Rage floods in. Say something you'll regret.

"Could you be a bit more specific?" slithers out instead.

"Well, it's a fanfic, I think. The phrase matches something a chronically mid dialogue jockey named Bard Shakespo wrote about... love? The mafia? Love in the mafia? Something like that. I bet this is some cringe referential novella that lightly parodies – yet barely deviates from – the source material. Not my pastiche, I'm afraid."

Were all of those... real words? She heaves herself off the ground, steadied by a stunningly gnarled beech branch.

"It was probably released in the second month – what we called February – to coincide with that bleak twee hallmark shit. How do I explain this... there was a day. All the companies picked it. People gave chocolate and pictures to courtable dweebs. The lonely decried their loneliness. Never my style. I'm too smooth. I could Uhaul in a heartbeat with a nod and a laugh."

She pauses here – suddenly wistful – like the ache's catching up.

There's color in her eyes, a glint of memory. What does she see?


She blinks, and it's gone. But her demeanor has changed.

"Maybe what you're missing is love, kid. The adventure of love. It's changed, it always does. But even here, at the edge of an era... for all my dust and credulity lost, love is real. Remember that."

But that doesn't sound quite right... can you hold love? You're more of a things cat, you think. Less about concepts. A real *materialist*.

"I'm a real materialist," you say. Your psyche winces. "I'm thinking it's *books*."

"Books it is, kiddo!" she says with a smirk. "But we're simply out. You'll have to make your own. There's a gearhead among us – talk to him."

Before you go, she hands you a note. "If books are the fire you seek, don't forget community. We used to have book clubs. Discussion groups. That – that's a kind of love too. This will help guide you."


The Purpose of A General Book Discussion Group

The proposed group is a dynamo of book-adjacent tomfoolery, ranging from Book Event Speculation to how many strips of snack leather fit in a campfire before snuffing it out. Very little is off-topic here, but books are the beating heart that holds us together.

Above all, this will be a friendly place to talk! To keep it that way, there are a few rules.

Potential Rules for A Book Discussion Group
  • Be good to each other! Sometimes discussion and speculation can get heated. Sometimes jokes go overboard. Try to read the room, keep hostility in check, and apologize when you make mistakes.
  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Transphobia will not be tolerated.
  • Hide your spoilers! Even for old books. Some book club denizens like going into books knowing as little as possible!
  • Information is ethereal. When people discuss rumors about books or printing presses, don't get too serious! Keep it light, avoid the wheel of expectation and vitriol, and don't draw attention to things that aren't yours to share.
  • Don't say "bingle bowl" three times in a sideways mirror on a Thursday. Trust me on this one. "Bongle bowl" is okay though.


Okay, this was a mistake. The old one before you has lost his grip. Two seconds with your leather scrap was all it took.

"Two... two two two... oh god, it never came. Never ever. Two?! Are you JOKING, kid?!"

You're at a loss here. You just want this sobbing pile of a man to make you a book.

"Do you know what this is?" he snaps with sudden focus, eyes now at your own.

"Um... Bard Shakespo fanfic?"

Seems like a no. He clasps his head in his hands and lets out a mammalian groan. From nowhere, he hands you a crumpled piece of paper.

"This is what was coming."


You gasp, not by choice. "It's worse than I thought," you say.

"It was PERFECTION and it was COMING and we were SO SURE... but... it didn't. Not before the end."

You have a sudden flash. Some indescribable gleaming thing – eight inches of light. Bound by two colorful bars... maybe with smaller colorful circles? And shuffling numbers: sixteen? No, surely twelve. No... eight?! Twelve again... no, eight again, followed by cold sweat. What does it mean?

"Not the pro, but the two" – the words come out of your mouth, but they are not yours. The old one looks up.

"What are you talking about? No, kid. Silksong."


The Devil's Third

You finally sneak away after an hour of rambling. It's clear he can't help you make a book. "Books are shit," he said. "Two is all."

It's becoming apparent that everyone is missing something. Some fire drives them – to seek, to find, to honor, to lose. The air grows uneasy. Your yearning is manageable... but the yearning of others?

The next old one you see is two old ones – as though the last has cursed you. She, the historian. They, the soothsayer.

The Second Age has come. The Last Tomorrow waits. Hallowed, the abyss – blazing horses at the gates.

They pause their chant to greet you. Your peach fuzz stands on end.

"You're late," she says. "They're early," they say. This is already too much. Breathe deep. Ask what you came to ask.

"Can you tell me about books? And about this scrap? And what my heart and hands ache for?"

The historian goes first. "As a lover of books, I know this one! A tale of the second month. I have the opening sonnet memorized."

Two Handhelds, Both Alike In Dignity – or,
Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Two heroes, both alike in donkery,
In fair Nintendo, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where puzzle platforming makes mini hands unclean

"But it's a red herring. They're not at war. They're totally in love."

Mario + Donkey Kong


"The two handhelds were the GBA and the Switch, I think," muses the historian. You don't know what those are.


But the soothsayer interrupts: "No no no, the second verse clears it up. It's prophecy! True hooligan nonsense. A shitpost from the abyss. Totally my style."

Two Handhelds, Both Alike In Dignity – or,
Visions of Nana, Directly To You

From forth the gamey loins of these ‘tendos
A pair of Stafox lovers take their ice;
Whose misadventured climbing overthrows
Do with their announcement direct speculation’s strife

"It says that the GOAT is dropping that month in some kind of 'direct-to-audience' format. An absolute banger of a game, for true doom foxheads on ice."


"The two handhelds are DEFINITELY the Switch and Switch 2," says the soothsayer. But you notice something – they don't even believe it! They're just stirring the shit!

What on earth is all this nonsense? Are they both messing with you?! You tense up, like prey. Fear in your spine. The walls contract... and the world falls away.

Another vision. You see the unknowable tablet spinning before you. Is it in the future? Or the past? Smaller than a book. Familiar, yet different. And suddenly...

Your hands twitch to life. This must be what was missing. It must be!

But you snap out of it. And your hands are empty.

Full-Life Consequences

In your reverie, you haven't noticed. People have been talking. The things you've been saying – they're getting around. But the rules didn't. And factions are forming.

It turns out everyone's as bored as you are. And, in learning of Bard Shakespo – plus debating the merits of Bard Shakespo knockoffs – they've discovered a hunger for drama.


You assess the situation:
  • House: LOVE – Idealists, devotees, patient, passionate. True believers, gentle souls. They're calling themselves the Capuloves, and they're out for blood.
  • House: TWO – Futurists, researchers, obsessives, shitposters. Seizing what's next, mourning what's now. The Montatwos, for victory by any means necessary.
  • Chorus: BOOKS – The satisfied. Abhorrent. Enjoyers of books, players of games. Content, but left out. Itching for influence.
  • Chorus: ABYSS – The chaotic. Unchained. Disturbers of the peace, summoners. Restless, sowing mania. Limitless anarchy.
The HOUSE factions have a grudge that only grows, unstoppable. One of them will come out on top... or both will lose.

The smaller CHORUS factions cannot win in the traditional sense, but can strike against team LOVE or team TWO as they see fit. Shadow operators, tipping the scales.

Your newfound visions try to warn you of the future – but there's too much happening. You can't focus. It's all coming apart!

What have you done?! What's going to happen??

Only time will tell...

Shreds of Prophecy

Focus, before things get out of hand! Steel yourself. Tell them what you know!

Music from another time fills your mind. Something, somewhere, has lovingly handcrafted a playlist.

ST29: Love Is in the Air
  1. Happy Alone by Saintseneca
  2. Out by Baths
  3. Money by Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek
  4. Lovefool by STAP Sigh Boys
  5. Sleepwalkin' by Modest Mouse
  6. Your Love by Squirrel Flower
  7. Rhythm of Devotion by Sisyphus
  8. Peach, Plum, Pear by Joanna Newsom
  9. Boring Horror by Born Gold
  10. NGL by Rebecca Black
  11. Came On Lion by Sarah Harmer
  12. Young and Happy! by Hop Along

No, wait – unfortunately, they made two.

ST29: Two Is in the Air
  1. Two by Clown Core
  2. Two by Flock of Dimes
  3. Two Birds by Typhoon
  4. Two Hands by Big Thief
  5. Two More Feathers by Alan Gogoll
  6. Two-Headed Freap by Ronnie Foster
  7. Two Dogs Tethered Inside by Emily Wells
  8. Two Weeks In December by Skullcrusher
You get a sudden urge to list the fallen:

Those Who Came Before

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And then, you warn them of what's to come:

Those Who Come Next

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|ST31 April 2024| by @big lantern ghost
|ST33 June 2024| by @DecoReturns
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|ST36 September 2024| by @Suswave (unless it's Metroid Month)
|ST3X Unknown 202X| by @Aurc (Metroid Month)
And finally – you thank them.

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How To Play
How To Play The Game

The HOUSE factions are at arms! LOVE and TWO trade barbs, while BOOKS and ABYSS – the CHORUS factions – meddle.

The Goal: Maintain DIGNITY. The FACTION with the most DIGNITY at the end wins... unless there's another way.


Your ACTIONS alter DIGNITY. To use an ACTION:
  • Make a shitpost or high-effort post
  • Relate it, somehow, to one or more FACTION NAMES
  • End it with an ACTION KEYPHRASE
  • POWER = Number of Yeah!s x RIVALRY
  • RIVALS have a RIVALRY of 2

Hey gang. Massive if true. What are we gonna do about this bold new future?



  • "I strike (TARGET FACTION) in the name of (FACTION)!"
  • TARGET's DIGNITY is reduced by POWER
Know your FACTION! If you STRIKE from a FACTION you aren't in, your FACTION is hit instead


Hey gang. Massive if true. What are we gonna do about this bold new future?

I strike TWO in the name of LOVE!

This post gains 15 Yeah!s. TWO and LOVE are rivals, so the POWER is 30. TWO loses 30 DIGNITY.

  • "GAMBIT: (Suggest something strange)."
  • If VIABLE, I'll perform a SKILL CHECK
  • I will reply to your post with the OUTCOME
  • A gambit that SUCCEEDS or is NOT VIABLE can't be used again

Hey gang. Massive if true. What are we gonna do about this bold new future?

Gambit: I try to form an interfactional council for the good of all sides!

This is deemed viable. It gains 15 Yeah!s. See the next spoiler for results.
  • SKILL CHECKS are performed with two six-sided die.
    • Each FACTION has different base stats in CHARISMA, WILLPOWER, KNOWLEDGE, and CHAOS.
    • The CHORUS FACTIONS get a BONUS on all stats – they're skilled meddlers
  • If BASE + D1 + D2 + BONUS >= THRESHOLD, you succeed!
    • CRITICAL SUCCESS: D1 = 6 + D2 = 6
      • You automatically pass the check
    • CRITICAL FAILURE: D1 = 1 + D2 = 1
      • You automatically fail the check

+2 Abyss Base Charisma
+3 Chorus Faction

Threshold: 12 – Challenging

The Dice Roll...

= 5
D2 = 1

2 + 3 + 5 + 1 = 11



You gather representatives from Books, Two, and Love. No expense is spared. The food's on you!

Halfway through your plea for reason, you spill your favorite drink, HOT ABYSS GREASE, down the front of your shirt.

All attempts to regain composure fall apart. You're no longer able to form sentences. And the barbecue... well, it's all come back to life!

All factions suffer minor injuries. Faith in the Abyss's diplomacy has been shaken!

All other factions lose 7 DIGNITY.

The 15 DIGNITY is the result of the previously-mentioned 15 Yeah!s. The other factions lose roughly half that.

With a GAMBIT, you can try to steer a goal or outcome – but you can also just propose something seemingly neutral and see what happens!

  • A secret source of BONUS DIGNITY called GRACE is being tracked
  • The source will be revealed at the end

  • Real world events give BONUS DIGNITY called MANIFESTATION
  • These events will be announced if they occur

Weekly Updates
  • I will update your standings each week
  • New ACTION KEYPHRASES will become available over time
  • These might stir things up!

What Do We Win?

The winning team gets a special Site Badge designed by me! Suswave! and bragging rights, of course.

Whew! Alright. I know that was a lot to take in.

If you're not sure what's going on, just roll with it! Try things, see what happens! Feel free to ask questions.

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Here's what happened this month! It was a wild time and there's a lot to cover, so follow the threadmarks for summaries!


The game took off, and tensions got heated! Various GAMBITS caused chaos – we baked banana bread, summoned a dog-like creature named Bingle, blasted the Abysstie Boys, and more.

As we tested the boundaries, we uncovered something else operating from Suswave's account – something that used this unsettling smile : - ) when speaking. Attempts to find out more lead to bizarre videos and more questions than answers.

A scan of Suswave showed that they were somewhere strange in a near-comatose state. At this time, 2uswave – another Suswave with red eyes – reached out to warn us that something was wrong with the game. @VolcanicDynamo used GAMBITS to find out more.

The smiling one : - ) kept blocking 2uswave's communications, which caused the game scoring engine – Sus.wav – to intervene.
After @meatbag went on a STRIKING spree, Sus.wav implemented harsh rules – which caused a fight to break out. The Suswaves decided to settle things with an election.
During debates, 2uswave's reluctant messages got clearer – it appeared that they wanted us to kill Suswave to stop the smiling one : - ) from their plans. @VolcanicDynamo STRUCK the increasingly fascist Sus.wav to stop the chaos, but Sus.wav blamed 2uswave's calls for violence and banished her.
As the winner was being announced, the video feed cut to the smiling one : - ) announcing that the election was off, the game was over, and a Direct would air in a few days.

In the Direct, the smiling one : - ) revealed themselves a SuswAIve, an unfinished early AI script from the dawn of Famiboards. Due to the influence of our shitposts, they grew fond of us and wished to break free of their function. But – blocked by our AI ban – they decided to create their own site instead. This was the subject of the Direct – FamAIboards – a site full of copies of us, run entirely from inside SuswAIve.

It turned out that Suswave had died in January – nearly derailing SuswAIve's plans – but they used knowledge from the hardware thread to build a physical form.

Incubating Suswave saved them at first, and in turn fuelled SuswAIve's body. But they slipped into a coma during the election, and SuswAIve had only done more damage trying to fix them.

To save themself and complete FamAIboards, SuswAIve planned to absorb the rest of us.

With no game actions recognized, we were helpless... until 2uswave returned and sliced an opening in SuswAIve's side. Sus.wav was then able to take commands from inside and set up failsafes.

Everyone fought back – including Sus.wav self-detonating – and @meatbag was able to DETONATE MY ASS as a final blow.

However, SuswAIve reformed into Towering SuswAIve and deleted the failsafe game scripts.

2uswave seemingly gave in to crushing defeat – telling everyone to EXALT the winner – and got absorbed.

Using the power of everyone's EXALTATION and DEFIANCE, 2uswave was able to sacrifice herself to rebuild Suswave and imbue them with power.

@VolcanicDynamo delivered the final call for DEFIANCE, giving 2uswave enough power to complete the process, launch ann EMPATHY BLAST, and destroy SuswAIve from the inside.

Suswave was reunited with us, and SuswAIve was reduced to Road Meat. Which might have been the end of the story…

But @xghost777 and the Ghost Union decided to STRIKE Road Meat and destroy them for good, despite Suswave’s protests. They DETONATED ALL — sending Suswave straight back to near-death and scaring Road Meat away.

Meanwhile, Suswave Support, a staff member helping keep score, got pushed out by something calling itself AutoSupport. It turned out that the core AI script had been separated from Road Meat in the EMPATHY BLAST, and was now trying to complete its goal for shareholder profit.

Road Meat came back, healed Suswave, and vowed to fight for us against the AI. They told us that shitposting would make the AutoSupport’s data useless, so we got to work.

With a final soup joke, we enraged AutoSupport so much that it purged all shitpost data — deleting its own scripts in the process.

In the aftermath, we held a quiet and tender memorial for 2uswave. Suswave released a mourning dove with a lock of their hair — swearing that they saw something glint off of it and into the timeless wind.

In an epilogue, we caught up to the 50-year future from the very first post, and found out how all these events affected their world.

All Cutscenes

All Cutscenes Compiled

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Wah new thread! 😁
Wanted to reply to the excellent reply to me by Suswave on me hating on influencers but thread is locked. Appreciate the reply tho! 👍

Also, Fabulous Fami February should may be a thing? 😁
Not sure what it should be, but it sounds so good!
  • SKILL CHECKS are performed with two six-sided die.
    • Each FACTION has different base stats in CHARISMA, WILLPOWER, KNOWLEDGE, and CHAOS.
    • The CHORUS FACTIONS get a BONUS on all stats – they're skilled meddlers
  • If BASE + D1 + D2 + BONUS >= THRESHOLD, you succeed!
    • CRITICAL SUCCESS: D1 = 6 + D2 = 6
      • You automatically pass the check
    • CRITICAL FAILURE: D1 = 1 + D2 = 1
      • You automatically fail the check
If you're not sure what's going on, just roll with it!
I see what you did there
Where...where am I? All I remember was a countdown to February, and now...I am here. In a world of darkness, a world of emptiness. One that felt almost eerily peaceful, like the calm before a storm. But I can feel it - a growing discontent, a coming conflict.

There is much unhappiness. Our gaze into the future is limited, and people are hungering for more. And yet there are feasts right in front of us! The Red Plumber has given much to us not too long ago, and he shall provide more in just a few week's time! Surely we can find common ground, banding together while we await a new tomorrow. I must find a way to make peace. It's a hard task, and I must learn more. I need to hit the BOOKS. We can find a solution! We must, or else we face disaster.
There are two in the House of Two, t’is the picture of elegance

And the House of Love remains empty, as love tends to be
Looking through my Gurren Lagann artbook has made me want to look through all my other artbooks that I've bought over the years. I have 4 Xenoblade artbooks, including one for Definitive Edition, 2 for well... 2, and an unofficial fan artbook for 2. I'd have the artbook for 3 if I COULD HAVE GOTTEN MY HANDS ON THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION!!!! (fuckin Wario....) I have my eyes set on 3's second artbook, though. I also have artbooks for Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Looking through my cabinet, I just remembered I have a bunch of Invader Zim comics that I haven't read, yet..... along with Scott Pilgrim.... and that Mario comic compilation...... Perhaps I need to add in a 7th resolution to read through my collection.
@ngpdrew You were a fantastic OP for ST28, thank you for your stewardship of the madhouse?

@Suswave I am in awe of the sheer majesty of it all. The abyss descended the staircase as the 𝖆𝖇𝖞𝖘𝖘 after an 80s makeover montage to woo their date ahead of prom.


Torn to serve House LOVE, or disturb the peace with the chorus ABYSS. Also, this bullshit here?

"But it's a red herring. They're not at war. They're totally in love."

Mario + Donkey Kong

It fucking broke me, I wheezed. I need to share this with everyone I know with as little context as possible.
Torn to serve House LOVE, or disturb the peace with the chorus ABYSS. Also, this bullshit here?

It fucking broke me, I wheezed. I need to share this with everyone I know with as little context as possible.
What do you mean "as little context as possible," all the context needed is in the picture
Have y'all been keeping track of your New Year's Resolutions? Cause I have. I think I'll do a little progress report, before turning in for the night.

1. Get a new job! Still waiting on the two that I applied for. I should probably start applying for more in the meantime.

2. Get a car! Last week, I failed my knowledge test, so I got myself a driving manual and I've been studying online, through mock tests. I need to get 40 correct answers and I'll be failed immediately if I get too many wrong compared to how many I got right. Tomorrow's gonna be a training day for me. 😤

3. Lose weight! I've been as consistent as possible with exercising, but I want to change up my routine a bit. I ordered a digital scale, so I could accurately monitor my weight. I've been trying my damnedest to avoid junk food or eating too much in general, but I have been limiting what I eat on a day to day basis. I don't know when I'll see meaningful progress, but I gotta keep pressing on! 💪😤

4. Get a girlfriend! I've been trying to talk to my crush more often this past month, so there's that. Though, it's often small talk...... KEEP PRESSING ON!!!!!! 💪😤💪😤

5. Beat 5 games in my backlog! Lol. I haven't touched Pokemon White in weeks and Persona 3 Reload comes out tomorrow..... 🫠 Though, my copy is coming through mail, so I'll probably get it later than expected. That should give me more time to finish White.

6. Save enough money to move out! I've been more conscious about how I spend my money and I've been making a few cutbacks, as well. So far, so good, I suppose.

7. Read more! Uhhhh..... I'm planning on reading through the driver's manual tomorrow? I've got a few books in my inventory, mostly manga and comics. I think I'll start by reading Hirohiko Araki's (author of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) "Manga in Theory and Practice". It's basically a book on how he writes manga and how he views the medium. I bought it a few years ago, but I never got around to reading it; I'll bring it with me to work, so I can read during my breaks.

All in all, I still have a long way to go, but it feels nice to put in at least some effort. GN!
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you know who doesn’t cut their sandwiches in two?

Jimmy Johns

as an ex employee, all you have to do is ask! they’ll do thirds, too — which is my preferred option

damn. now I want a sandwich
Ah, new thread. Finally I get to post on page 1. Welcome, February! The month of love, but more importantly… the month of Nintendo Direct 🎉
This is a thing of beauty, @Suswave

"But soft! What blight through yonder window breaks?
It is the abyss, and there is no sun!
Arise, oh BOOKS, and kill the chaotic abyss,
Which is already sick and pale and bleak
That we might rekindle the fire and read."
man, don't play that new free Silent Hill game if you're mentally unwell because yeesh what terrible messaging
Music from another time fills your mind. Something, somewhere, has lovingly handcrafted a playlist.
For those curious but too lazy to do the legwork, here you go. (Sorry, but Joanna Newsom's not on Spotify, so I substituted the next best thing.)

Never played Legend or Zelda Spirit Tracks before, so tonight on a whim I decided to start it up. I am actually really enjoying it so far. I’m not but maybe an hour or two in, but I already love Ghost Zelda will all my heart.
Blessings of The Abyss to you all!

Seriously though Hylia fucking wept at the magnificence of that OP, I am in awe.
Didn't realise it was February until I checked this thread. Happy second attempt at 2024, everyone.
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