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Discussion Good Day, I offer you free Steam games, all I ask is you tell me what you take :) UPDATE: two new threadmarks.

i proabaly wont pick up anythign as there only one game i want rn im just curios to see whats there

Edit: didnt pick up anything but would be down to provide if i ever get some steam keys
Thank you @Metroid for Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark and Vampyr! Again, encouraging everyone to take a look. There are some dang good ol' games in there. Like Rock of Ages 3. Someone nab that before I do!
You know what, I could stand to make more use of my Steam account. Thank you kindly!

Edit: Darksiders III from @Metroid's list and Gauntlet from yours, @ProteusRidley! Thanks again so much!

(I would have grabbed Graveyard Keeper, but it seems someone else already nabbed it, just as a heads up!)
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Shout out to @Metroid

I won't be picking up any of the new games, but that's an extraordinarily generous contribution.

Someone should claim Catherine. Genuinely one of the greatest video games ever made.
OK, list is updated. I won't be able to update it till tomorrow morning. Have a good night everyone!
Just built my first PC in years, so this might come in handy! Thanks OP!

edit: Got Desperados 3. Thanks again :).

edit 2: Seems like both Star Wars: KotOR keys have already been redeemed.
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might as well take a look

EDIT: took ticket to ride. Wingspan was redeemed it seems
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Probably isn’t a whole lot left, but I’ll have a look, thanks for the generosity!

Edit: Snagged Dirt 5 and Iron Harvest because funny robot. Thanks a lot! (At least I think I did - I did it on mobile).
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Ended up claiming a few, sorry if that's a bit greedy.

Strongly suggest boomerang-fu as multiplayer party game for peeps.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition
Bee Simulator
dirt Ralley 2
Rock of Ages III: Make and Break
metroid real for this one, as are all who have contributed. Excellent thread idea! I'll peruse but moreso wanted to cheer.
Very nice thing to do!

I doubt I will take anything as I'm simply more curious to what is being given away.

Didn't see anything I want that I didn't already have, but I might have some keys to donate.
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Wow! This is super kind! Thank you so much! Not picking any games, the backlog is big enough already, but this is really kind of you all.
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I might have some keys from Humble Bundle that I'm willing to donate here. I should check.
Currently clearing my massive backlog so I probably won't take anything, but I guess I'll check the list.

Edit: Nevermind, I got Wrath Aeon of Ruin since I've been interested in it, but I've been waiting for it to leave early access.
Thanks for the gifts, very generous of you guys!

Edit 2: I also got Elex, since most of Piranha Bytes' games are in the aforementioned backlog and it'll soon be time for it. Once again, thank you.
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Wow that's a really nice gesture, I'm curious to see what games are on the list
I took everhood, clustertruck and cyberhook.
I might take some other games if no one else wants them in the upcoming days, but for now I'm happy with this.
Thank you all a lot.
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Just posting to say this is super kind of you, and because I’m curious to see the list. Thank you for your generosity!
Thank you very much for your generosity!! I got a Steam Deck for Christmas so I am looking to add some games to my collection.
Someone already claimed Star Wars The Force Unleashed but did not post that in the thread or strike it from the list :/

come on, people, at least thank the kind people who are donating keys if you’re going to do that

e: I didn’t claim anything because I’m still finishing off my Switch backlog and I have nothing to play my Steam library on atm anyway, so I kinda felt like it would be greedy of me to claim a game I can’t play, in the end

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