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StarTopic Starfield |ST| The Stars Don't Look Bigger, But They Do Look Brighter

I've definitely sunk skill points and money into ship building, and my problems with inventory are a lot less now that I have 3000+ on my ship. It will be better eventually, but my ship is a bit of an ugly mess right now. Since leveling up the ship parts skill requires buying unique parts, it incentivizes doing things like buying lots of parts that don't match, or finding cheap parts that can be stuck on without affecting much.

Be sure to make your ship on an outpost. It has more options. You might need to buy some parts elsewhere though but slot is located in Outpost launchpads.

I was able to build a solid A class ship based off of someone endgame C Class build. I have no points in shipbuilding stuff, but i got a very nice ship that performs well and can be upgraded.
Interesting. I knew different places offered different parts, but I didn't know there was an advantage to doing it at my own place.

I do enjoy building the ship, but I think the game overstresses mobility. At least, it's always complaining about my ship being too massive and lacking mobility, but I haven't been running across opponents that are using greater mobility to their advantage.
I’ll probably be backlogging this but I’m giving it some love this weekend thanks to game pass.

The UI missteps (landing on a planet is ridiculous) and loading screens sure make a bad first impression, but I can’t help but feel some of the critical takes I’ve seen are too harsh.
I think I'm pretty done with the game now having played a bit into NG+.
Many people online really hyped up NG+ as like "this is when the game really begins" and I have to say that I really don't agree.. It's kinda neat that they have a story reason for NG+ but other than that I don't see much reason to keep playing since the gameplay is basically the same. And it's tedious to get back to the same material wealth since the best way of getting money is going through all the faction quests again.

Overall my take on Starfield is that it's a flawed but sometimes very enjoyable game. Going through the big quest lines is fun, I think. The writing is not great, almost every system is very flawed or compromised, exploration is not a thing. But all those complaints withstanding I still thill enjoyed just playing. I would give it, drumroll, 7/10!

Compared to the two other big "open world RPGs" of the same type I've played recently I would say that Cyberpunk is 8/10, Hogwarts Legacy is 6/10 and Starfield sits comfortably closer to Cyberpunk than Hogwarts.

I am all for the ambition of the game but it just don't deliver on anything to the degree that the player wants. I can absolutely see that some people will just make this their forever game and that updates and DLC will make it better with time. But as it stands it just has so many flaws. The most egregious I think is just how boring and tedious it is to collect the powers. Personally I would really have preferred if meaningful exploration was a thing also. And that movement and gameplay was more fluent and fun.

It's strange how this game has so many things to complain about but still can be kinda fun.
I beat the game yesterday, then proceeded to play about two hours of NG+. One of my favorites this year by far, and while I'll probably play less now, I'll definitely keep coming back to this game for a while.
I'm putting time into it here and there. It's not really grabbing my attention and keeping it like their other games have, but the undercover in the Crimson Fleet questline is decent.
I finished upgrading my ship parts skill and started seriously going for a decent build, and am pretty disappointed by the cockpit selection. I was initially looking for some that are roomier and have more crew seats, but I wasn't even considering that using them in first-person would look different thanks to the window design. And having tried 4 other cockpits, 3 were definitely worse in giving a smaller view. The Taiyo one was basically a tie: some parts of the screen less covered, some more covered.
I’m going to finally finish FF16 this week, which means I’ll be able to start Starfield. I’m so curious to play it for myself after all the mixed reception it’s received across the internet. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it. Or at least I hope so!
Loooong-term thinking, but I wonder how they might handle a Starfield 2. Elder Scrolls and Fallout have generally taken place in a fairly limited area, so for a new game they pick a different place in the world (with occasional overlap) and are free to do what they want. Here the game seems to cover the high points of almost all of known humanity, and the star systems relatively near there. For a sequel to make sense without centering around recognizable New Atlantis and Akila City again it seems like they'd need to double the time into the future it takes place, sudden "we found a wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant" discovery opening up a new region, or another catastrophe of the kind that moved everyone off Earth.

I feel like I'm getting close to wrapping up the main faction quest lines and will probably do so around level 50, so pretty crazy to know there are already achievements for reaching levels 75 and 100. Will probably make more sense after more DLC. Also I've still mostly avoided too much information about how NG+ works so I'm not fully informed.
Booted up the game today to find a horrifying bug had stuck my game: my character had been turned into a twink.


It wasn't actually a big deal but it was definitely strange. For some reason my character's body size reverted to small dab in the middle of the circle. Had to spend some pocket change to fix it but in the process discovered I missed the tattoos before, so now I've got a nice brightly colored face tattoo.
So in every universe there are the Artifacts, which when combined allow someone or some group to become a Starborn and end up in other universes. So every Starborn we've seen is essentially in a "New Game+" of their own? Gotta say, their universes must be pretty pathetic if the people starting fights and going down in five seconds are the best and brightest an entire universe could send.

I'm unclear on how further interuniverse travel is supposed to work. The Hunter and the Emissary seem to have known each other for a long time, so the fact that one of them wins doesn't seem to have stopped the other from following them to another universe. I briefly considered that thanks to the craziness of infinity maybe from each of their perspectives they were always the victor and the loser ended up stuck in the old universe. But considering I just Persuaded the Hunter to give me Artifacts with one of the reasonings being that he'd have other chances to take other mes out in other universes, doesn't seem like he's going to be stuck here. Surprising that they could both have gone this long without one killing the other, but maybe Unity loves Itchy/Scratchy relationships.

Also not clear why the Starborn seemed to show up so late or have such a hard time competing with Constellation, especially if many of them have seen this happen over and over. Is a universe unavailable for them to arrive in before natives start picking up Artifacts? Even if they're showing up late, though, with their technology doesn't seem like it should be hard to steal from an unsuspecting group of under a dozen. Or beat them to the punch, since they should have an idea of where Artifacts can be found. Even if they're somewhat randomized, seems after multiple repeats they'd be better/faster at detecting them than Vlad.
The in-game setting for resolution scaling only goes down to 50%, which made trying out DLSS Ultra Performance impossible. However, I've learned that on PC it's dead easy to change it externally. My Games/Starfield/StarfieldPrefs.ini has an fRenderResolutionScaleFactor= setting right up top where 50% is 0.5000 and you can change it to almost anything. It didn't take going much below 50% for me to stop gaining frames anyway, but it did allow me to take this set of screenshots going down to 3%. Below that it crashed.
Was thinking about just playing on Console until more PC updates came out and converted my saves...and no...once I played with mods on PC there was no going back to console. The filter and color on console just looks to wierd to me now and the lack of FOV is wierd.

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