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News Red Dead Redemption coming to Switch and PS4 on August 17, physical version on October 13



Experience the epic Western adventure Red Dead Redemption and its groundbreaking zombie-horror companion, Undead Nightmare, as both games come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for the very first time in a single package. In a new conversion by Double Eleven Studios, the Switch and PS4 versions bring the two classic experiences together again for both new players and original fans to enjoy across modern consoles, including backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 5.

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Xbox has it playable since ... always ... due to BC.

E: This is no remaster or remake, it's just a port with all DLC.

I know, but that hasn't stopped native ports from happening before, like with Bayonetta & Vanquish.

Also no PC or PS5 versions either. It just seems weird.

Wonder if Nintendo commissioned the port?

Ahh well. Either way, it's nice to see Dan Houser's stranglehold over platform choices and his Nintendo hatred get consigned to history :D
also just realized this will be yet another way to play Red Dead Redemption on PC alongside the ps3 and xbox emulation (with the xbox emulation being the better option for the time being)

Red Dead Redemption is awesome. It doesn't really need remastering. I hope the physical version has everything on it.
just realized switch emulation will probably be the best way for pc gamers to play this now, lol
Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I'd take a straight port over a remake, since the latter carries the risk that they try to "Red Dead 2"-ify the gameplay. I absolutely loved RDR1, and low-key hated how RDR2 played.

My real complaint is that this still isn't on PC; I'm guessing it's coming eventually since Rockstar loves staggered releases, but I feel like a simple port probably could have just been put on everything day 1.
Switch not being the lone late port is interesting. I really do think Nintendo would prefer their partners do multiplat re-releases like this, even if it's not a remaster, than giving something to Switch only late.
Ahh well. Either way, it's nice to see Dan Houser's stranglehold over platform choices and his Nintendo hatred get consigned to history :D
What evidence is there to suggest that he hates Nintendo? Seems very much like he looks up to them from what I can see in this interview:

"Q. Are there games you play in which you think, “Oh, I’m going to steal that,” or, “I’m going to do that but do it better, do it right”?

A. Anyone who makes 3-D games who says they’ve not borrowed something from Mario or Zelda is lying — from the games on Nintendo 64, not necessarily the ones from today. But I would argue in that regard we’ve certainly been more sinned against than sinning."
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And there it is.

I guess we'll find out soonish (like from Wario64 on Twitter) if the physical is all on cart or not.
Never played RDR1 or 2.

How is the first game?

Might get before playing RDR2 on my Switch 2 next year.
RDR1 is like a top 20 all-time game for me. The gameplay is fantastic (really does feel like GTA's sandbox-y antics but just translated to the old west), and imo is sorta in that sweet spot where open worlds felt big without necessarily feeling bloated or "big just for the sake of being big".
I'm curious to play Undead Nightmare, I never managed to play that.

Otherwise... I dunno. I'm happy for people who never got a chance to play this, it's worth playing, but the sequel surpasses it in just about every way
October on Switch is stacked

Super Mario Wonder
Red Dead Redemption (Physical)
Metal Gear Solid Collection
Batman Arkham Trilogy

That’s a great line up of classic titles

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