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News New Good-Feel game! Otogi Katsugeki Mameda no Bakeru: Oracle Saitarou no Sainan!!


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In Otogi Katsugeki Mameda no Bakeru: Oracle Saitarou no Sainan!!, a tanuki boy named Bakeru, disguised as a human, uses taiko (drumming) actions to defeat a festival army wreaking havoc throughout a fantasy version of Japan (from Gematsu)

The release date is November 30, 2023 in Japan. No date for America and Europe.




© Good-Feel


More info https://mameda-bakeru.com/

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so this game actually exists? And it's japan exclusive for the moment.
I hope this doesn't become another buddy mission bond
Oh, that's the Goemon-like game that was announced being in development a while back? Looks really nice!
This was really missing on the western directs.
It does not look too ambitious, but if its say a 40€ game (or bigger then i expect it to be) then im in. Has major Goemon 64 vibes (except the character design, thats a bit lacking in my book)
Omg why am I just seeing this now?

Why is Not-Goemon not releasing worldwide?

How were so many things specifically targeted towards me with this Direct?

I need this game!
so do we have to fight Nintendo to get this localized???
Unlikely, it's self-published and assuming they're going for another multiplatform release down the line they will probably work with another publisher like they did for Monkey Barrels (sadly Nicalis).
Came to say what @Dardan Sandiego did - they're self publishing this one, and they'll need to find an American partner. Odds are decent if the sales are okay and localization isn't too expensive.
Someone PLEASE bring this over.

This Goemon-ass game is EXACTLY the kind of thing I wanted to see!
On another message board, every single time a direct was announced I was like "hopefully we'll see the Goemon successor". Seeing it finally realized almost 3 years later, but only in the Japanese direct feels like a slap in the face

I swear if no plans for English release I'm starting my own Operation Rainfall solely for this lol
Oh nice!

edit: JP only for now, that's a bummer.
I did my best to translate the full title for anyone interested:

Riotous Fairytale - Becoming a Tanuki: Oracle Saitarou's Calamity!
I did my best to translate the full title for anyone interested:

Riotous Fairytale - Becoming a Tanuki: Oracle Saitarou's Calamity!

Hopefully they will publish it in the West
Just rebrand it Age of Calamity and call it a day
I want it! I’m willing to contribute to a kickstart to bring it over, whatever it takes.
Boy does that look like Goemon with the serial numbers filed off.

Maybe this will inspire Konami to do a collection series since that's the only thing they seem interested in doing lately?
Little update:
  • A "part 1" trailer is scheduled for september 1st, as spotted on the website.
  • Manga serialization will start on CocoCoro Magazine september issue (the article contains new artwork and screenshots from the game).
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Japanese-only games are so rare nowadays due to the dominance of Western sales. It's weird to see this not being localized, or pushed by Nintendo at all. Same with Bond.

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