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Serious Free Palestine

I don't really have much to add to the discussion going on here as am mainly left speechless by the hypocrisy/bloodlust etc... and people's willingness to completely ignore what is going on in front of their faces bc it suits their agenda/comfy lifestyle - sending my support from Australia where our government are constantly "concerned" by Israel's actions but won't do anything except send them more money and equipment.
Giving the upcoming generation zero future, zero hopes, and nothing to lose is a great strategy for maintaining power. Even for bloodthirsty ghouls who lust for genocide, they are stupid as fuck.

this is the kind of people that support israel
but i think it was naive on the lady part to think you can communicate with monkeys like you do with humans
Watched like... half? ish of a stream VOD of Hasan Piker trying to explain the protests to another streamer who said protests were bad because private property etc... and my brain just hurts from how dumb, disingenuous and bootlicky people are...

It's amazing how blatantly in the wrong Israel is and even some of the press rags that typically manufacture consent for these type of wars are pointing out the absurdity, and yet nothing will change.

We must build an independent working-class labor party away from the Dems and Repubs.

Macklemore possibly being the only American celebrity using his platform responsibly. Respect

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