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I am hoping the reboot can take a page from the BOOM comic Power Ranger designs, I love the designs for both the Solar Rangers and the designs for the Hyper Force rangers of TTRPG series.

Solar Rangers

Hyper Force Rangers
Solar Rangers look a lot like they're at least inspired by Kyuranger. Meanwhile Hyperforce is basically Cosmic Fury done right. Both are really cool designs though!

New Kamen Rider copyright filed for Gavv. What's with all the G names lately? Geats, Gotchard, Gavv...
hoping "gavv" is short for "gavel" and that this'll be the first judicial system Kamen Rider
Real talk, I always thought a lawyer Kamen Rider show would be a lot of fun. You can do it like a mix of W/Drive and Ace Attorney, where it's half courtroom scenes, half fighting bad guys. Or Daredevil for kids, I guess is another way to think of it.

Producers would probably nix it though because 7 year old Japanese boys don't want to sit through a bunch of courtroom scenes. But what about what I want?
Was my first thought too. Would be about time, tbh. And given we finally had the first female secondary Rider with Rinne/Majade, it'd be the logical next step.
They’ve been implying we’re only a show or two away from it too. Tho I kinda imagine they’d do a dual lead show first knowing how this goes
Female lead rider time?
Doubtful given what Revice's head writer said about his pitch for a female Rider being rejected near-instantly. Plus writers generally have little control over things like that; Yasuko Kobayashi wrote for Rider for a decade and she didn't really get to put in many meaningful female characters.

I'd love to be wrong but Toei and Bandai have consistently dropped the ball on this subject.

Financial results for the big Tokusatsu franchises at Bandai - Kamen Rider remains the biggest selling franchise despite a dip in 2024, Sentai steady (though have seen another chart which puts it up slightly up at 7m) and Ultraman down slightly (but Netflix movie and new series to come this year will likely help)

The big drop around 2018/2019 is not LuPat's fault haha - it is largely attributed to Hasbro gaining the Power Rangers rights - so sales post 2018/2019 are only Sentai and before that had both PR + Sentai
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