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Fun Club Share your favourite video game music šŸŽ¶

I have a bunch
First from Genshin impact, Which I think has one of the best soundtracks ever

Next, more recently, Honkai Star Rail

Finally, NIKKE's soundtrack has been a banger

Don't feel like posting a bunch so here's one I've really been enjoying lately.


My partner is playing through this series (she's halfway through Kiwami 2) and I can totally believe there is awful karaoke in he game, given you can literally direct softcore pornography! The games aren't my cup of tea as I'm not really into violent games and I couldn't jive with the repetitive battles but she's having a blast with 'em.
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The music made this game. Love how this starts off quite restrained and understated as you jump from moving truck to moving truck and then goes all twinkly piano jazz near the end.

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