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Fun Club Philomena Cunk


Trust The Process
Any fans of hers here on Fami? Post your favorite clips and moments! All hail Cunk!

Let's get the obligatory stuff out of the way first:

The best one was somehow missing from the compilation I posted earlier, smh.

Was recently listening to a Big Finish Doctor Who story which starred her, and as great as it was, I just couldn't take it seriously...
There were these Death to 2020 and Death to 2021 Parodies on Netflix and while overall the quality is rather questionable, Diane Morgan plays a pretty funny character there:
I have no idea what the story behind this is as a non-Brit but I've watched the Street Fighter clip so many times
It's honestly always amazing me how the experts (and Morgan too) manage to keep a straight face throughout these interviews. Especially the Soviet Onion guy is fantastic at it :D

This interview from early this year was in my recommendations and it’s such a cozy feeling to know how Cunk-like Diane Morgan really is ❤️

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