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News Nissin is making noodle cups for GAMERS (contains caffeine)

Krvavi Abadas

Mr. Archivist


two flavors, garlic & black pepper yakisoba alongside a ginger curry.
they've specifically engineered it to not include any liquids you could spill on your controller. and it's packed with caffeine, arginine, and niacin.
My first thought: "Ramen noodles for gamers? Heck yeah, sounds like it's right up my alley!"
When I read the word caffeine: "YIKES!"
That'll go great with my Black-Black caffeinated chewing gum
(though I used that for driving, not for gaming)
Also contains niacin and arginine which are energy drink staples. I really want to know what the caffeine content is.

The flavors don’t sound half bad.
I personally wouldn’t touch an energy drink/pot noodle hybrid, but I guess they’re going for the ‘gamer who can’t spare 10 minutes to eat as it cuts into gaming time and who thinks it will aid performance’ market, probably at a mark-up over a standard instant noodles.

Still, the flavours sound a lot better than the pot noodles available here. I’d try them if they weren’t packed with the caffeine etc.

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