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News Godzilla series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Coming This Fall

Yup. That is indeed Godzilla

Looking forward to it. I think this show will live or die depending on if Apple put enough $$$ into it that we actually get to see Godzilla/other monsters for a decent amount of time.

I really enjoyed that Skull Island anime Netflix dropped recently, so I'm riding high going into this, hope they pull it off.
Oh shit, time to renew my AppleTV+ subscription. Looks great, can't wait.
Just watched it. Pretty good so far; honestly it's nice to go back to Godzilla 2014's tone and overall aesthetic. I've found the rest of the MonsterVerse fun overall (got my criticisms though), but I missed this more serious/grounded tone.

Curious to see how things develop.
Really loving it so far!
The human component of the story is lot better than the Monsterverse movies; don't get me wrong, I had a great time with those films, but the human stuff was a mixed bag. Here though, characters are well rounded and the actors do an excellent job.
And yeah, it does a great job of recapturing the darker tone of the 2014 film, which is refreshing to return to.

Between this, Godzilla Minus One, and the next Legendary entry in April, it's a great time to be a kaiju buff.
Episode 3 was dropped early, anyone else watch it yet? Still enjoying it, myself.

It's nice to not just see a more serious tone/compelling characters, but also getting to see the 2014 design for Godzilla again. I don't mind the KotM/GvK redesigns, but I've got a soft spot for 2014's.

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