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Music CHVRCHΞS ST | Fill Up Your Lungs With Fami


Rockenberg Enthusiast

CHVRCHΞS (yes, stylized with a V instead of a U, and sometimes the E looks like an equals sign with an extra line, but still pronounced like churches) are a synth-pop band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Fronted by Lauren Mayberry, alongside Iain Cook, Martin Doherty, and sometimes Jonny Scott on the drums while they are on tour, they've been together since 2011, releasing four studio albums in that time.

Why post a thread dedicated to them on a gaming site? Well, because a lot of people have discovered them thanks to their music appearing in various video games. From the Forza Horizon series, to Mirror's Edge Catalyst, to Death Stranding, and a couple of appearances at The Game Awards. It also happens to be (or will be in September) the 10th anniversary of their debut album, The Bones Of What You Believe. So why not start one now?


The Bones Of What You Believe (2013)
1.) The Mother We Share
2.) We Sink [3:34]
3.) Gun [3:53]
4.) Tether [4:46]
5.) Lies [3:41]
6.) Under The Tide [4:32]
7.) Recover [3:45]
8.) Night Sky [3:51]
9.) Science/Visions [3:58]
10.) Lungs [3:02]
11.) By The Throat [4:09]
12.) You Caught The Light [5:37]


Every Open Eye (2015)
1.) Never Ending Circles
2.) Leave A Trace [3:57]
3.) Keep You On My Side [4:25]
4.) Make Them Gold [3:51]
5.) Clearest Blue [3:53]
6.) High Enough To Carry You Over [3:39]
7.) Empty Threat [4:04]
8.) Down Side Of Me [5:10]
9.) Playing Dead [3:35]
10.) Bury It [3:08]
11.) Afterglow [3:14]


Love Is Dead (2018)
1.) Graffiti
2.) Get Out [3:51]
3.) Deliverance [4:12]
4.) My Enemy (ft. Matt Berninger) [3:53]
5.) Forever [3:44]
6.) Never Say Die [4:23]
7.) Miracle [3:08]
8.) Graves [4:43]
9.) Heaven/Hell [5:05]
10.) God's Plan [3:31]
11.) Really Gone [3:11]
12.) ii [1:09]
13.) Wonderland [4:35]


Screen Violence (2021)
1.) Asking For A Friend
2.) He Said She Said [3:09]
3.) California [4:08]
4.) Violent Delights [5:20]
5.) How Not To Drown (ft. Robert Smith) [5:31]
6.) Final Girl [4:30]
7.) Good Girls [3:19]
8.) Lullabies [3:45]
9.) Nightmares [4:34]
10.) Better If You Don't [3:32]


CHV (????)
Not much, if anything, is known about CHVRCHΞS fifth album, affectionately dubbed "CHV" by the fans, but we do know they are indeed working on it during the downtime in their touring schedule. Which, speaking of, they are about to open for Coldplay in Brazil this March, so that should hopefully bring about even more fans to this great group!​
Used to be one of my favourite bands around 5-10 years ago. Saw them live in Glasgow sometime around 2014, but haven't listened to much of their newer stuff - might need to check some of it out now that I'm reminded of them. They've also had a song or two in the FIFA games iirc
Love them. They were supposed to have a show here in the Philippines in 2019 but they cancelled it. Now I'm not sure if I'll ever see them. Sad. Anyway, Hansa Sessions EP are still my fave.
Yes!! I love this band so much. They're so good, and share a special connection with me. Screen Violence is phenomenal. It has me in goosebumps from the first track to the last.

The bonus tracks, especially, are.. nggghh, so good <3

I discovered them through Forza Horizon 2 and liked them a lot since. :)

Thanks for the thread. Amazing work.
Love their music. Hard to pick a favorite but I do have a soft spot for 'Lungs' especially, both because it was the first song of theirs I had heard and because a friend shared it with me saying it reminded them of one of my characters.

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