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Fun Club Which of these are your favourite brands? 🟥🟦🟩

Which of these are your favourite brands?

  • Tesco

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Aldi

    Votes: 15 28.8%
  • Morrisons

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Waitross

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Im not British

    Votes: 36 69.2%

  • Total voters


Quality Assurance Tester in Video Game Industry

Need thoughts as I need to choose where to do foods hoping tomorrow.
I've heard of all of these, but only Aldi is here in my neck of the woods.
But come on, no Lidl?
This thread should probably be in Roost. Anyway, Aldi is the only one of these in my area, so that one. (I'm also not British.)
Yeah sorry about that just reported myself I thought I was on the roost when posting this.
Aldi is underrated. It has a perception as a discount grocery, which it is, but the produce and meat is on par or sometimes better than what you’ll get at a supermarket, and the store brands are good as well. Every time I go there I wonder why I don’t go more often.
The only one in my area is Aldi and it's where we do most of our groceries. It has less variety and very few name brands but it's cheaper than everywhere else without having to worry about a drop in quality. The whole quarter thing is a bit annoying though even if I get why they do it.
I used to live really close to an Aldi and it was incredible. The prices kicked ass and the lighting didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out. They used to stock some good St. Louis-based pumpkin beers. I miss them!
The food in my house comes from Ocado but I usually go to Tesco or Lidl

My second ever job was at Morrisons and it’s a horrible company
I can’t afford to shop in Waitrose. I usually mix it up between the local co-op, Tesco and Sainsburys.
I'm not British. But also Aldi. But also Aldi isn't British either

In these trying times of insane grocery price hikes, Aldi is my one saving grace
A Finnish grocery chain sold Tesco products for a while. They were marketed as luxurious British quality, which I always found funny. This eventually ended due to Brexit, as the imports would have become too expensive.
i hold no allegiance to any brands, especially not brands from the united goddamn kingdom
Yesterday I had a DnD Session with some friends. We went to Migros (biggest retailer in Switzerland) to buy some stuff for brunch but couldn‘t find Hummus. But right around the corner, there was our saviour, a huge Aldi! I found Hummus immediately. Though only one of three checkouts where open with a long line in front of it, which drove me insane.

So I don‘t think that I‘m loyal to Aldi now, but I appreciate that I‘m able to chose between different brands.
Tesco with a Clubcard is perfect. Tesco without a Clubcard is like living in a hideous, terrifying alternate reality where Asda charges Waitrose prices.
I'm American, we have an Aldis here and I like it a lot. Don't have those other stores though.

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