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Discussion Roger Corman dies at 98.

One of those celebrities I didn't actually realize was still alive. A legend for sure.
Oh man, a legit legend in the fields and he has so many amazing films on his name which are just buried under his infamous amount of shlock.
Rip to a legend.

This guy gave so many people their start that without him film would be in a much worse place today. He produced a lot of b movies, but you know, that's not a bad thing. They're a lot of fun and better than a lot of bland studio films. I saw Watchers 2 a year or 2 ago and it was a fun time.

The Poe films he made with Vincent Price are incredible. "Frankenstein Unbound", the last film he directed is very underrated. Stars John Hurt and Raul Julia.
I mainly recognize him for creating Death Race 2000, which spawned an unofficial game tie-in that led to one of the earliest examples of a video game controversy.

the premise of running over innocent “gremlins” to score points was terrifying to audiences back in 1976, and gaming was the never the same again.

certainly it was some of the most realistic looking visuals to come out of an arcade that year. :)
Took me quite some time to see the impact of his career and how many people started with him / thanks to him.
he still made the best Fantastic Four movie
He didn't direct that one. I think his biggest involvement was his go ahead for it to be made and decision not to release it.

Some actually good Corman movies:
Bucket of Blood
Little Shop of Horrors
The entire Poe cycle, but especially Premature Burial, Haunted Palace, and Masque of the Red Death
The Intruder
The Trip
X: The Man With X-ray Eyes

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