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News Kirby and the Forgotten Land Sound Selection and Complete Soundtrack announced


Puffball Enthusiast
Releasing on September 13th. Like previous Kirby soundtrack releases, physical CDs are likely to remain Japan exclusive; no announcement for streaming services currently.

Sound Selection track list:
  1. Ready to Go!
  2. Running Through the New World
  3. Welcome to the New World!
  4. Plundering Beast Battle
  5. Waddle Dee Town
  6. Through the Tunnel
  7. A Trip to Alivel Mall
  8. VS. Dangerous Beast
  9. Kirby Dance (Long)
  10. Abandoned Beach
  11. Blue, Blue Breeze
  12. Fast-Flowing Waterworks
  13. Welcome to Wondaria
  14. Circuit Speedway
  15. Invasion at the House of Horrors
  16. The Wondaria Dream Parade
  17. Sword of the Surviving Guardian
  18. Northeast Frost Street
  19. Metro on Ice
  20. The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
  21. Roar of Dedede
  22. The Wastes Where Life Began
  23. Moonlight Canyon
  24. Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands
  25. Burning, Churning Power Plant
  26. The Beast Pack's Final Stand
  27. Masked and Wild: D.D.D.
  28. The Dream Discoveries Tour
  29. The Raging Lion Roars
  30. Hunted by the Beast
  31. Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit
  32. A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World
  33. Welcome to the New World! (Full)

The Complete Soundtrack comes with a 40-page booklet (including an exclusive discussion between the sound staff) and a photo frame music box (picture can be swapped out between five included options, and it plays a music box arrangement of Welcome to the New World!). Welcome to the New World! (Japanese) is also included as a soundtrack-exclusive bonus track.


Finally!! I was worried that they’d just never release the soundtrack for the game, despite HAL generally being pretty good about releasing Kirby soundtracks. (Though I really wish they’d release soundtracks for their eShop-exclusive games like Team Kirby Clash, Kirby Fighters 2, and Kirby’s Dream Buffet…)

Now hopefully we get a soundtrack release for Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe eventually, too…
I don't have much interest in physical CDs, but I do appreciate that packaging. I hope this ends up on iTunes like other Kirby soundtracks, as I'll continue to buy whatever they release to hopefully prove to Nintendo that some Zelda soundtracks would be nice, too. (And to support my favorite pink puffball, of course.)
Crazy it took so long. Everything in this game is so amazing, specially the soundtrack. Forgotten Land put Kirby on my radar (beat Robobot thanks to it), and I have huge expectations for its successor.

Physical release only for a video game soundtrack in big 2024 is still crazy to me
Would love to get the Sound Selection but it seems like it'll be a bit of a ballache to get it imported. Ah well. goes back to YouTube
Please let there be a us release. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could.
I wish this would release on US itunes, I’d get it immediately.
Unless it's Xenoblade (because of Mitsuda) or Pokemon, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Even for the latter, we're still waiting for the international releases for SwSh/LA/SV that came out in Japan last month.
i cant wait to put this into my built in cd player on my phone whenever i want to go on a walk, thanks for the soundtrack hal
Really wish we'd get more of these elaborate soundtracks from Nintendo themselves, this packaging and that tracklist is just! 🥰

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