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StarTopic Honkai: Star Rail |ST| Sweet Dreams (Robin and Ver. 2.2 Available Now!)


Chain Chomp





PC minimum specs​

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or better
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

iOS and Android minimum specs​

  • Andriod: Snapdragon 835, Dimensity 720, Kirin 810, or better.
  • iPhone: iPhone 8P, iPhone X, or better.
  • iPad: Apple A12 processor or better (October 2018 model or better – the operating system must be at least iOS 12)

PC recommended specs​

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or better
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

iOS and Android recommended specs​

  • Andriod: Snapdragon 855, Kirin 990, Dimensity 1000, or better
  • iPhone: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or better
  • iPad: Apple A12 processor or better (October 2018 model or better – the operating system must be at least iOS 12)

PLATFORMS: PC, PS5, IOS, ANDROID (PC version available from Official website or through EGS)

Genre: Turn-based RPG, Sci-Fi, Free to Play Gacha


  • Aventurine (Imaginary, Preservation)
  • Jingliu (Ice, Destruction)

  • Serval (Lightning, Erudition)
  • Luka (Physical, Nihility)
  • Linx (Quantum, Abundance)




Honkai Star Rail is the latest game from Hoyoverse, the developers of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. It is the latest title in the Honkai series, but you don’t need to play the other games to experience this one. In the game, you will go on a cosmic adventure across the stars on-board the Astral Express, going from world to world and experiencing the galaxy’s infinite wonders on this journey filled with adventure and thrill.


These are some of the characters you will meet on your journey and the worlds they live in.


The protagonist of the game and your avatar in the world of HSR. They are awakened and brought to this world by the mysterious Kafka. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose between Stelle (Female) and Caellus (Male) alongside choosing their name.​


A mysterious train created by the dead Aeon of Trailblaze, Akivilhi. With the strange mascot-like conductor Pom-Pom, it travels on the path of the traiblaze. Its passengers are called Trailblazers.

A clever, quirky girl who is enthusiastic about all things girls her age are enthusiastic about.
She travels with the Express, always bringing along her camera with the belief that one day she will be able to take a photo of something related to her past.
She was found in a piece of drifting eternal ice and freed by the Astral Express Crew.
When she awoke, she couldn't remember anything about herself or her past. Though initially feeling dejected about this lack of identity, she decided to name herself after the date of salvation.
And thus, on that day March 7th was born.


The wise and sophisticated former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who inherits the name of the world — Welt. He has saved Earth from annihilation time and time again.
After the calamity ended, the heavy burden ordained by fate to Welt had been removed for a time, and he became an animation storyboard artist. However, after the conspiracy with St. Fountain came to a close, Welt had no choice but to venture with the initiator of the incident to the other side of the space portal.
Perhaps even he didn't expect the new journey and companions that awaited him.


An adventurous scientist who encountered the Astral Express as a child when it got stranded in her home world.
At that time, some existence in the Express revealed to this young girl a whole world outside of her own — the universe.
Years later, Himeko finally repaired the train and began her journey to the stars, but she realized that this was only the beginning. On the Trailblaze path, she would need many more companions...
Even though such companions may have different destinations in mind, they all gaze at the same starry sky.


A cold and reserved young man who wields a spear known as Cloud-Piercer. He acts as the train's guard on its long Trailblaze journey.
He carefully observes the changes in everything around him, albeit with a calm demeanor that may appear to be indifference. He faithfully records everything they encounter on the Trailblaze path in the Express's archives.
Dan Heng never talks much about his past. In fact, he joined the crew of the Express to escape from it.
But will the Express really be able to take him far away from his past?


Not content with the laws of the common world, the Genius Society’s Herta set her sights on the unexplained existence of the galaxy, expecting those distant mysteries to satisfy her curiosity. To this end, Herta led the establishment of a museum-like starship and launched it towards the Star Rail, starting the research work to seal all strange existences among the stars. And the famous Herta Space Station was born


Traversing across the snow plains, you can get a full view of Belobog, the only spot on the ice-cold world of Jarilo-VI that barely fits the definition of “a warm place.” As the only remaining city with human civilization, Belobog has been given many grandiose titles: the last bastion of mankind against the Eternal Freze, the land blessed by Qlipoth


The Xianzhou Luofu is one of the six flagships of the Xianzhou Alliance. It sails in the endless ocean of stars like a one-way arrow, shooting towards the Lord of the Hunt’s nemesis. After the war with the Denizens of Abundance, the Luofu travelled between densely populated interstellar regions, trading and conducting cultural exchange between different worlds. They signed agreements with the Interstellar Peace Corporation, and helped many worlds ravaged by the Denizens of Abundance to rebuild their ecosystem. People arrived at the Luofu to seek medical treatment, study, and trade, as thrones of visitors fill the docks.

A collosal structure located in the Asdana system, with the soaring hotel "The Reverie" as its iconic landmark. Once a frontier prison belonging to the IPC, The Family has modeled it to serve as an interstellar hub and the gateway to the "Sweetdream Paradise".
Inside of the Dreamscape, the true Penacony can be visited.
A magnificent metropolis charaterized by a continuous influx of visitors, a result of the Families meticulous maintanance of the star-sized Synthesia Dreamscape. When Guest Fall asleep, their consciousness becomes linked to the Dreamscape, enableing them to enter the Penacony in a Dream.



Leveling up characters: You will need EXP Books to level characters up to a certain level. Once you reach that level you will need to use materials collected from bosses and enemies in the world to Ascend your character and increase their level. The max level you can reach is Level 80.

Additionally, your account level (Trailblazer Level) will determine how many times you can Ascend. Even if you have all the materials needed, you won’t be able to ascend your character until your Trailblazer level is at an appropriate level.


  • HP: How much damage the character can take before falling in combat.
  • ATK: How much Damage the Character deals
  • DEF: Reduces the damage a character takes
  • Speed: Determines how fast and how often a character will act in combat
  • Crit Rate: How likely it is for the Character to land a Critical Hit
  • Crit DMG: Determines the damage multiplier when landing a Critical Hit.
  • Break Effect: Enhances weakness Break Effect (how much damage you will do to the enemy’s Toughness), the amount of damage dealt per turn and how far enemy actions are delayed.
  • Outgoing Healing Boost: The amount of healing done by a character.
  • Energy Regeneration: Determines How Fast a character charges Energy for their Ultimate.
  • Effect Hit Rate: How likely a character will be able to apply a debuff to an enemy.
  • Effect RES: How difficult it will be for the enemy to apply a debuff
  • Elemental Damage Boost: increases the elemental damage a character inflicts. Each of the seven Elements have their own separate elemental DMG Boost stat.

Each character in HSR has an element associated with them, which determines what type of damage they’ll inflict on enemies.

There are 7 elements in the game

If you’re wondering what Quantum and Imaginary are, they are two of the concepts brought over from Honkai Impact 3rd and explaining them would take too long, but as far as I know it isn’t important to know what they are in this game

Alongside elements, characters also have a Paths which indicates the role of a character and which Light cone is best for them.

There are 7 Paths:

DestructionGeneral DPS
HuntSingle Target DPS with a focus on Follow-up Attacks
EruditionMulti-Target DPS
HarmonyOffensive/Utility support
NihilityDebuffer/ applier and enabler of DoT Reactions
PreservationDefensive support/Tank


Character Skills are the abilities that define a character’s playstyle.

  • Basic attack: the Normal attack that is always available. It is your main source of to generate Skill Points needed for a character’s Skill.
  • Skill: A combat ability with various effects, from combat abilities to buffs/debuffs. A Skill doesn’t have a cooldown, but instead uses Skill Points generated from Basic Attacks
  • Ultimate: A character’s strongest ability. To use it, you must generate energy through certain actions. Once used, you must start regenerating energy before using it again.
  • Talent: the character’s Passive Ability. Talents will provide benefits to the character or the party when certain conditions are met.
  • Technique: This is an Overworld Ability that you use before combat begins. Depending on the Character, it can either start the battle with a special Attack or with a Buff to the Party


Traces are skill upgrade trees. By upgrading a character’s Trace you will give them stat bonuses, extra passive skills and enhancement to their skills.

To upgrade Traces, you will need to obtain materials from Cocoon of Distortion, missions or buying them from the shop. Similarly to Leveling Up characters, how much you will be able to upgrade your Traces will depend on your Trailblazer Level.



Eidolons are essentially enhancements to your character abilities or provide with new passive bonuses. Each character has 6 Eidolons and to unlock a new Eidolon you will need an extra copy of that character obtainable from their banner in the gacha. Only exception to this is the Trailblazer (your character), who will receive Eidolons upgrades from missions and Trailblazer level rewards. They are not necessary to progress the game or make a character playable and are just nice bonuses.


Relics function as the Accessories in other RPGs. By equipping them, you will get stats bonuses Based on the Relic’s Main Stat and Substat. Additionally, by equipping a certain number of relics of the same set, you will get bonus stats, which can range from increases to your base stats or bonuses based on what you do in combat.

There Are 6 Relic types:

  • Head
  • Hands
  • Body
  • Feet
  • Planar Sphere
  • Link Rope
Each Relic ha a Main Stat and up to 4 Substats. Some Main Stats depend on the relic type.
Relic piece​
Possible Stat Bonuses​
Flat HP​
Flat Attack​
HP%, ATK%, DEF%, CRIT Rate%, Outgoing Healing Boost%, Effect Hit Rate​
HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break effect%, Speed​
Planar Sphere​
HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Elemental Damage Boost​
Link Rope​
HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break Effect%, Energy Recharge Rate%​


Light cones are the equivalent of weapons in other games and provide stat bonuses to the character they are equipped to. Each Light Cone has a passive ability which is tied to one of the seven Paths in the game and can only be used by a character on the same path. Any other character will only get the stat bonuses. This ability starts at level one, but can be upgraded to level 5 through the Superimpose function. To use the Superimpose function you will need duplicates of the same Light Cone (the duplicate will be destroyed to upgrade the original)


The worlds of HSR are divided in Areas separate from each other, so there will be loading screens as you move from area to area. You will be able to freely explore these areas in search of treasure chests, puzzles, quests and more. Outside of Towns, you will find enemies that will aggro and chase you if you get too close.


Combat in HSR is straightforward and is comprised of 2 stages:

PRE-COMBAT: when encountering an enemy in the open world, the way you initiate combat will apply changes to the start of the battle. If you attack the enemy with a Basic Attack or a Technique, the Battle will start normally. However, if you attack the enemy with a character that has an element the opponent is weak against, then the enemy’s Toughness will be reduced at the start of the battle, making it easier to break the opponent’s Toughness and making the overall battle easier.

However, if the enemy initiates combat, then you’ll enter the Ambushed state, meaning the enemy gets to attack first.

COMBAT: During combat, your objective is to break the enemy’s Toughness Bar with an element they are weak against (displayed above their healthbar). Once broken, the enemy will receive more damage and a debuff based on the element that broke the Toughness bar. The debuffs are the following:

  • Physical- Bleed: Deals additional Physical damage and applies Bleed.
  • Fire- Burn: Deals additional fire damage and applies the Burn effect.
  • Ice- Frozen: Enemy will be frozen and unable to perform any action.
  • Lighting- Shock: Deals additional lightning damage and applies Shock effect.
  • Wind- Wind Shear: deals Additional Wind Damage and applies the wind Shear effect
  • Quantum- Entanglement: Pushes the enemy back in the Turn Order and deals Quantum Damage
  • Imaginary- Imprisonment: Pushes the enemy Back in the Turn Order and reduces their Speed


among HSR's great ammount of content, these modes stand out as the endgame. Here's a brief explanation of them

  • SIMULATED UNIVERSE: a roguelite mode where the party will go through different domain that will feature either a combat challenge, a random event, minigames or rest areas where to either buy enhancements, revive/restore character's health. At the beginning of the run, you will choose one of the Paths, each with a different Path resonance meant to aid you in your runs. Each time a domain is completed, you will be able to choose the following
    • Blessings, buffs that make your team more powerful. all blessing are associated to one of 10 paths in the game and give buffs related to certain actions (Crit Attacks, Ultimated, DoT, Shields etc.).
    • Curios. Objects that once obtained give a different effect related to Blessings, Stats, Cosmic Fragments or related to certain domains. Curios are divided between Normal Curios, which give positive effects, and Negative curios, which will give various debuffs meant to make yor runs harder.
    • Cosmic Fragments, the main currency in the Simulated universe needed to buy Blessings and their enhancements or Curios.

    Once the end of the Simulated Universe is reached, you will face a Boss

    The simulated universe is divided into three separate modes

    1) Regular simulated universe. The normal version of the SU. Through this mode you will be able to obtain Planar Spheres and Link Ropes, the last two relics needed to complete a character build.

    2) The Swarm Disaster: an enhanced version of the simulated Universe meant to explore the age of the invasion of the universe by the Swarm of the dead aeon of Propagation, Taizzhyronth. In this mode you will enter three different planes, containing a variety of different domains to choose from. your objective is to get as many buffs as possible before the end of the third plane in as few moves as possible. Each time you reach the end of a plane, you will fight an elite enemy that, once defeated, will implant one Element Weakness to the third plane boss and one debuff. After selecting a Domain, an in-game countdown will decrease. Once the countdown reaches 0, each movement will increase the stats of enemies. To aid in this mode, each path will have a dice with different effects applicable to the party or the domains that can be rolled at the end of each domain.

    3) Gold & Gears: A mode similar to Swarm Disaster. In this mode, Paths and dices are separated and there are 12 different type of dices, each with a passive effect that will activate after a certain action is performed. During dice rolls, you will also be able to 'cheat' and obtain the effect you desire.
    another difference compard to SWD are the bosses at the end of each plane. This time, the second plane will have a Boss instead of an Elite enemy which, when defeated, will give a Path Resonance to the Final Domain Boss depending on which boss you chose. Once the Final domain is reached, you will be able to either choose to reduce the effects of the enemy's path resonance or give them a debuff.

  • Memory of Chaos: In this mode, you will have to defeat enemies within a certain number of turns to achieve a higher score. Each stage is divided in two paths, meaning you will need two teams to play it.
  • Pure Fiction: In this Mode, enemies will continue to spawn and you must defeat as many as possible within a certain number of turns to achieve a higher score. Like MoC, this mode also requires two teams to play it


Probably the element of the game most are worried about, so let’s briefly explain it, as it is similar to Genshin Impact’s gacha system, but with small differences.

First of all, summons in HSR are called Warps and the main currency of the game is Stellar Jades. Stellar Jades are obtainable from completing Daily Missions, quests or advancing the story.

You can exchange these Stellar Jades for Passes (necessary for Standard Warps and Departure Warps) and Special Passes (Necessary for Limited Character Warps and Light Cone warps). Each Pass costs 160 Stellar Jades.

Now we need to talk about Pity rates and 50/50.

Pity means how many pulls you have done before receiving a 5-Star Item. In HSR, if you do not get a 5-star Item within 89 pulls, the 90th one is guaranteed to be a 5-star Item. However, you will rarely have to do 90 pulls for a character and can get it as early as 1 pity if you are extremely lucky. For Light Cone Oriented Warps the pity is at 80.

Additionally, after 74 unsuccessful pulls, you will enter Hard Pity, where the rate-up 5 star is more likely to appear.

To summarize:

Pity 1-74 = normal pity: Rate-up 5-star chances of appearing remain the same

Pity 75-89 = Hard pity: Rate-up 5-star chances of appearing are greatly increased

Pity 90= Guaranteed 5-star

Then there is the 50/50 (only applicable to limited Banners), which means that if you don’t get the Rate-up 5-Star Item the first time, you are guaranteed to get it the next time you receive a 5-Star Item from the banner.

Additionally, every 10 pulls you are guaranteed to get a 4-Star Item if your last 4-star item was 10 pulls ago.

Also, PITY TRANSFERS BETWEEN BANNERS, meaning that if you pull on a banner, but don’t get a 5-star item before the banner ends, you will start at the same pity in the next banner. For example, if in the previous banner you end up at 60 pity, in the next banner you will start at 60 pity.

Next, these are the Types of Banners in Honkai: Star Rail.

Departure Warps: The first Banner you should pull for as it gives you a guaranteed 5-Star Character from the Standard pool. You will need the normal Passes to wish on this.

Standard Warp: The only non-limited Banner in the game. Like the Departure Warp, You will need Passes to wish on this Banner. Additionally, every 300 pulls will allow you to choose a 5-Star Character from the ones Available in the Banner.

Character Oriented Warps: Limited time Banner that give you a 5-Star Character. You will need a Special Pass to pull on this Banner. Usually has 2 Rate-up 5-Stars (the limited character and a random one from the Standard Banner if you lose the 50/50) and three 4-Star Characters and a certain number of 4-Star Light Cones.

Light Cone Oriented Warp: Limited Banners that give you a limited 5-Star Light-Cone unavailable from the Standard pool. You will need Special Passes to pull on this Banner.


Q: Do I need to spend money to enjoy the game?

A: while we are in the early days of the game and things might change in the future (although this is unlikely), the answer is NO, you don’t need to spend money (and you should never feel like you need to spend money). HOWEVER, be prepared to skip a couple banners as you build your Stellar Jades reserves.

Q: Is this game similar to Genshin Impact? Can I enjoy it if I enjoyed Genshin Impact?

A: No, the game is different from Genshin Impact. It is not an Open-World nor is it an action game. It is a Turn Based RPG focused on story and fights as opposed to Genshin Impact that is focused more on exploration and story.

Q: Do I need to play Honkai Impact 3rd to enjoy this game?

A: No. While HSR does borrow elements and characters from Honkai Impact 3rd and has a character that originally comes from that game, you don’t need to play HI3 to enjoy HSR.

Q: does the game have a lot of grinding?

A: Grinding comes naturally to these types of games. The biggest grind in the game will be from getting Relics with the correct stats and materials to level-up characters and weapons, as well as experience to increase your Trailblazer Level. However, because of it's nature as a turn-based rpg, Farming relics and materials can be put on auto-mode. Only Simulated Universe will require you to manually play the game when grinding relics.


  • Please remember to be civil. Do not be aggressive towards other posters.
  • Do not criticize other players for liking a character or because of how they play them.
  • While it is completely fair to criticize monetization practices for gachas, please make sure that's not the only thing you do. Discuss multiple things instead of just one aspect of the game. and do not come here just to say "why are you playing this when X or Y are better". Let people enjoy stuff even if you don't personally like it.
ABOUT SPOILERS: Because HSR is an ever-evolving game, some things will eventually get spoiled by miHoyo itself during marketing. Due to this, here how spoilers will work:
  • Main story spoilers MUST be put under spoiler until the end of the first phase banners (usually 3 weeks). Once phase 2 banners release, Story spoilers won't need to be put under spoiler. However, if you wish to put story events under spoiler even after the phase 2 banners release, you can. it's up to the user to decide what to do
  • Officially revealed content don't need a spoiler (Character reveals, Trailers, previews, etc.)
  • Events, Lore and other don't need to be put under spoiler
Of course, if you wish to spoiler-tag something, you can. It's up to the user to decide.

ABOUT LEAKS: Leaks help F2P player in deciding whether to save Stellar Jades or skip for future Banners. You can post leaks, but they should only be related to future banners, future characters kits and beta changes and how many Stellar Jades are obtainable from a patch. Do not post leaks about future story events and make sure the leak comes from a respectable source.

With all of that said, have fun and May this journey lead you Starward!

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First time doing an ST, so I’m not sure if it looks good. I tried to be as informative as possible though a simpler ST might have been better. There are still things I’m not sure about, like the whole ST being too long, the FAQ being too short or the rules probably being unnecessary. If needed, I will change them or remove them.

Biggest challenge was images. In the character section there where 6-7 more characters including Male MC, but only 30 images where allowed so I had to remove most of them. Then there was finding transparent images, only ones I could find for the characters either didn’t have the full splash art or were low quality. Fandom had some, but the images don’t load here. And since I have 0 editing skills I couldn’t do them myself.

I wanted to give the ST a funny title, but the options I chose didn’t make sense and I didn’t want to make a money-related one. Maybe I’ll make a title for each version, who knows.

Anyway, hope You’ll be able to enjoy the game. I’m thinking of making a Genshin Impact ST for when ver.3.7 releases, but I’m unsure as of right now.

First objective for me is to get Bronya from the beginners banner and then Seele.

Anyway, enjoy!
I downloaded this in the hopes that my experience with a turn-based RPG on my phone would be better than the one I had with Genshin Impact. Mostly curious about the turn-based combat and whether it's really as SMT-lite-y as it sounds.
In case you are still deciding between Male and Female MC, here's a video showing the different Ultimate animations and voices
Awesome ST, @Warlord! Very informative. In fact, because of it I decided to give Honkai a try! World seems really cool, and turn-based combat! Just got a new phone, so it should run OK to boot
Awesome ST, @Warlord! Very informative. In fact, because of it I decided to give Honkai a try! World seems really cool, and turn-based combat! Just got a new phone, so it should run OK to boot
Thank you!
Also thank you for reminding me that I didn't add the reccomended specs in the OP. Added them now.
First impressions so far
-looks amazing, character models are great and Environments are nice
-Combat is very good, really fast and the fact that you can use ultimates regardles of whos turn is it is great
-Music is good. I still need to finish the tutorial area so might encounter some tracks that are better
-Eng voices ranges from good to ok. There are some cases where I don't like them (like Arlant) but they're mostly fine.

Overall, really positive about this.
Thanks for the info and codes. I am a Genshin fan trying this out and I am still early on. So far I like it but the long term draw for me will be the story and how well the simulated universe is handled. I see a lot of potential.
Thanks for the thread!

I'm still at the very start with the tutorials here and there. Just met Himeko.

The story already lost me, I don't find anything interesting (yet). I hate that they're already throwing those books and stuff to read at you already. Yes, they're optional, but I don't like them in any game unless there are very few of them.
Thanks for the thread!

I'm still at the very start with the tutorials here and there. Just met Himeko.

The story already lost me, I don't find anything interesting (yet). I hate that they're already throwing those books and stuff to read at you already. Yes, they're optional, but I don't like them in any game unless there are very few of them.
Although I just started it, story gets slightly more interesting once you reach Belobog.
I'll give this a shot. I've been playing Genshin since 1.3 and I'm curious to try another Hoyo game. The beginning of a new game seems like a good time to try.
Just unlocked dailies. Much better than the Genshin ones.
Also this game is hilarious at times, I keep looking at trashcans just to see what they wrote.
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I finally had some time to Honk earlier. This game seems really cool. Still not very far at all but the combat is fun, flashy! Runs great on my phone — the 60 FPS didn’t even seem to make it hot or anything lol. I have no idea what the eventual monetization of this will be, but I will keep going for now!
Managed to get Bronya as my free 5*. she was my most wanted alongside Himeko. Now I just need to get Seele and the second best Honkai couple will be complete.
I aiccisentally, made my account European whoops.

Not changing it thoguh because I got wel in 7 wishes and still have a garunteed 5 star.
Tomorrow there will be a livestream celebrating the succesful launch of HSR.
10 special passes will also be issued, not sure if through codes or email.
I got Welt as my first 5 star (was the 50th pull on beginner banner), and trying for Seele. I don’t do rerolls and getting Welt is a good start anyway. I like to approach these games like Xenoblade 2…just play the game and make due with the best you get. To support, I usually invest in a welkin moon/battlepass (in Genshin terms) as a low spender once I verify the game itself doesn’t have any roadblocks that force you to pay. But since Genshin is very F2P friendly in terms of gameplay, I expect HSR to be as well.
Tomorrow there will be a livestream celebrating the succesful launch of HSR.
10 special passes will also be issued, not sure if through codes or email.

Special passes are out. Check your ingame mailbox. You need to be at Trailblazer level 10 before you can redeem them.
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Just completed the Simulated universe. This is also where you unlock relic farming.
Make sure you bring a healer that can multiheal. shields are nice, but the enemies in it destroy them quickly so they're useless and only make you waste an action.
Insanely informative thread, thank you OP!!!

I missed the hype around Genshin, so I'm glad I was on time for this one. XD

Genuinely enjoying my time with it!! It's easy to see how this game was a bit inspired by Trails and a lil bit of Persona.

The turn based gameplay is more up my alley than action, so this is good fun!
I'm enjoying it so far, playing about an hour a day and taking my time. I got Gepard as my five star who is pretty helpful
Insanely informative thread, thank you OP!!!

I missed the hype around Genshin, so I'm glad I was on time for this one. XD

Genuinely enjoying my time with it!! It's easy to see how this game was a bit inspired by Trails and a lil bit of Persona.

The turn based gameplay is more up my alley than action, so this is good fun!
fun fact. apparently the producer is a big fan of Trails, hence the similarities.
I already loved Genshin Impact and returned to the game over and over again since launch. However i never got really invested in the story. One of the reasons was that i started to skip a lot of story bits. It just often felt way to boring. Honkai Star Rail however is completly different in the that regard. I freaking love the story and the characters. So far i listend to everything and its just such a great and joyful game.
I've hit the end of the current story progression that's available it seems. Not too bad of a time. I guess it's time to coast around on dailies for awhile and just chill out.
Just finished the belobog Questline. My god that was amazing. And the boss was HYPE!!
I've hit the end of the current story progression that's available it seems. Not too bad of a time. I guess it's time to coast around on dailies for awhile and just chill out.
Wait, how?! I've just finished Belobog. I'm assuming the xianxhou Luofu is next. Have you finished that already?

Wait, how?! I've just finished Belobog. I'm assuming the xianxhou Luofu is next. Have you finished that already?

The patch runs out of content at what feels like 50% or so of the next world's questline(maybe less since it seems more ambitious than Belobog). If you've finished Belobog I'd wager you're close to 75% done with the current patch main story. If you add in doing sidequests to keep Trailblazer level up to match it's pretty doable in around 35 hours or so. It probably helps that I rolled team girlfriends (Seele+Bronya) so I never really have to retry any fights. Anyways, there's no point in rushing the storyline with where you are at since you'll be waiting a month or so for the next patch to drop with story content.

I'm mostly F2P too, all I did was throw 15 bucks at the passes because I felt like I enjoyed my time and they weren't too exploitative.
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I think I finally reached the part where properly building characters is a must. Tried to do Serval's second quest after doing the second trial of equilibrium and my characters die immediately. So now it's time to grind proper relics and ascend characters beyond lv40
Damn, lost the 50/50 to Bronya, which isn't bad, more rido are useful, but I really wanted to get Seele and finally unite the couple.
On more positive news, got Gepard from the standard banner.
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btw my ID is 600730586. Please let me know here if you add me so I don't decline it :v

I have made it to equilibirum 3, and the grind officially starts here. 42 purple books and 83k credits to go from 50>60, and the ascensions cost 40k credits and 7/5 of the stagnant memory mats depending on rarity. On top of filling out traces it feels like I'll be hanging out here for awhile.

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