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StarTopic Genshin Impact |ST| Ver. 4.6: Father of the year! (Ver. 4.7 details revealed + new Nation Natlan teaser!!)

Used my guarantee on Chiori. I had to go to soft-pity both times, but I'm not really interested in the reruns or Arlecchino so plenty of time to save. Her artifacts are mostly done, but I forgot to farm her boss mats and specters lol
Artist: YaoYao
They're here!!! Arlecchino' animations!!!
They're beautiful, especially that burst!
The new event is really fun honestly and it's a shame that they never make something like it as a permanent mode.

Also got around to do Chiori's quest. They have been doing a really good job with the Story quests recently, I don't think there has been a single bad one so far in Fontaine.
Arlecchino changes from the new beta version

Current Arlecchino Changes Auto Attack:

  • Drain changed from 5.5% > 6.5%
  • Normal Attacks draining her bond reduce her E cooldown by 0.8s
  • t9 Bond Multi 221.2% > 276.5%
  • Bond Required to activate: 30% > 20%

  • Bond deals DMG every 3 > 5 seconds
  • Blood-Debt Directive base collection: 20% > 40%
  • Max Bond obtained from skill resets after each Skill Usage
  • Skill CD 15s > 30s
  • Using Skill no longer heals or clears Arle's Bond

  • Burst now heals Arle for 100% Bond + 300% ATK Power while clearing her of her Bond
  • Burst now resets her skill CD
Passives Passive 1:

  • Arle's Bond will level up once after 5 seconds, granting 70% Bond per claim
Constellations C1:

  • Replaced completely with Interruption Resistance during NAs and Bond Multi increased by 120% C4:
  • Removed Burst providing Bond for Arlecchino, as well as no longer increases Bond level when hitting enemies C6:
  • Changed Skill value from 500% to 700%
I accidentaly uninstalled Genshin from my phone this while downloading the HRS patch. And it asks 30GB of space, Redownloading it will take forever šŸ˜©

Anyway they released the Chenyu Vale OSTs. They are so gooood!

Phase 2 Banners are now available!

I already got Kazuha. Now I only have Zhongli left for "meta" pulls
For now, I'll focus on getting Arlecchino(who I should be able to get by the end of her banner), then Navia and Zhongli, then save until it's Murata's turn and then Raiden's C2.
4.6 Reruns

1st Phase Arlecchino and Lyney
2nd phase Wanderer and Baizhu
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Screenshots for the new area, Remuria. They are getting better and better at doing gorgeous areas. Can't wait to see what they'll do for Natlan

Current pull plans as of 4.6 are still the same for me. i'll pull Arlecchino, then focus on getting Navia and Zhongli (And Nilou if I can), then unless i really like a character from early Natlan, I'll save until Pyro Archon.

Speaking of Arlecchino, someone made a nice infographic on the ArlecchinoMains sibreddit
I'm still saving for Shenhe to make my Wriotheslay team better... Otherwise, I'm in the exact same boat as you
Hoyofair was a few days ago and I keep forgetting to put the videos here. So here are some highligths

141 pulls ready + 7 pity. Even in the worst case scenario, I'll be ableto get Arlecchino no problem.
Ver. 4.6 and Arlecchino are now Available!
Already got mine. Also did 20 pull on the weapon banner, but got nothing.
Animtions leaks are out!

Clorinde (holy sh*t that burst!!)



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