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The Famiboards Garbage Galaxy World Tournament

The Famiboards Garbage Galaxy World Tournament

The rules are as thus:

1. Your thread must contain the "garbage galaxy" tag. Garbage Galaxy may contain anything from a hot take, to a weird fact, to whatever makes you tick. Be creative, do better, do worse. Do anything to get those likes. The thread can be in either the treehouse, or the roost. As long as it stays within Famiboards TOS, it is fair game.
2. Your thread must contain "In consideration of The Famiboards Garbage Galaxy World Tournament" somewhere in the OP of the thread. The OP must also tag your opponent as well. It doesn't matter what context, but make sure they are tagged like this @bellydrum
3. The thread with the most likes(in the Original OP only) , wins the bracket. Your thread has 24 hours after its original posting, before the amount of likes must be submitted. To prevent general malarkey, take a screenshot of both yours and your opponents threads at the 24 hour mark to save on some scrutiny. Besides that, we are working on a bit of an honor system.
4. In the case of a tie(or a general dispute) , the opponents have to either settle it in Smash(or another multiplayer game of your choosing), or have to create a Microsoft Paint version of our lord and savior Waluigi. You have to post this Waluigi in the Nintendo General Discussion ST, and the post with the most likes win. If neither of these steps are taken, or if a challenger decides to not do a challenge of their best effort. It is a forfeit. Otherwise, send me a PM, and if both players still have a claim to win, it will be random chance.
5. Once a winner has been decided, you have won your bracket, and you get to move on in the tournament.
6. Once you are in a new bracket, you and your opponent must create a brand new thread. Repeat steps 1-5 until we have a champion.
7. The tournament will begin this Sunday, at 6:00am CST. The first round of threads must be created after that point.
8. The winner shall receive the greatest honor of all. The title "Lord or Lady (or insert title here) of Garbage".

This is, from my knowledge, the first public tournament of Famiboards. So let's keep this fast, loose, and most importantly fun. We will create endless amounts of garbage in Famiboards. That is my promise to you.


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