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Discussion Yukihiro Takahashi of YMO has passed away


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He had surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2020 and had suffered from other health problems since. Takahashi was essential to YMO, both as a musical contributor and as the mediator between an often feuding Hosono and Sakamoto. Several of the group's best compositions were his, and he recorded several fantastic solo projects.

I know less about his career than that of bandmate Sakamoto, but I'll be listening and learning for weeks or months. Rest in peace, Takahashi-san.


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Very very sad. He also acted in and did the music for the great film Poisson d'Avril, which I just watched last week. Wish he had acted more, he's incredibly charming as a washed up luckless Francophile film director. And thr title song is pure classic city pop. RIP.


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Crazy big loss, hard to overstate how big their influence was. Even Dragon Ball had a song that was effectively a parody of them with Solid State Scouter. RIP

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YMO's influence in the gaming industry really cannot be understated. Rydeen was massive enough to get unofficially implemented in multiple games, such as Super Locomotive and Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

and numerous developers, such as Chibi-Robo creator Kenichi Nishi (one of his studios, Love-de-Lic, was named after the album "Technodelic". he also eventually collaborated with band member Ryuichi Sakamoto on the game "L.O.L.: Lack of Love".) have listed the band as a major influence on their work.


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A few days late, but I am spinning Solid State Survivor on vinyl this morning in Takahashi’s honor.

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