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Discussion You win a ridiculous sum of money. Would you quit your job asap?

If we’re talking 7 figures, yeah, though I’d at least stay in my current role until they can hand things off to the new person.
If it’s enough to retire and live comfortably, yes. I’d probably pursue projects on the site but it would be flexible so I can leave anytime and not worry about my finances.
Definitely not right away. I think I'd go down to part-time, maybe three days a week, to get a feel for it and assess how the newfound financial freedom affected my mental health and outlook on life first
Hell yeah I would. Depending on how ridiculous we're talking, I'd help my siblings retire early too and then just vibe out making music and playing games. I can dream 😂
Depends on how much money. I live in Los Angeles so anything less than 10 million and I’d probably just keep on working unless I left the state.
I’d go until the end of my existing contract and freelance. My current job is sorta the dream, but on a grinding schedule that often makes it tough. Balancing that out (and buying a new house) would be beautiful.
Not right away, my short term goal would be to make sure I invest that "ridiculous" amount of money into various investments so that I essentially am making a sustainable income every year on interest and dividends with my old life style. Ideally my friends and family wouldn't know I made a ridiculous amount of money, I'd continue to live a modest life but be able to pay off my debts and do what I want.
Hell yeah

If I get bored I can go back to part time later. But I'd be able to make so much progress on stuff I actually care about i.e. personal projects. Hell maybe even work on something actually monetizable so I could become my own boss
I'd only stay on long enough to make sure quitting didn't raise suspicions. It'd be in my best interest to draw as little attention as possible to myself, so I'd probably stick around until the money was at least safe, in my possession, and secured.
I'd probably stay. I like my job, and get plenty of time off anyway. Even taking off in the summer during grad school was enough to make me bored. My time off would just be much more extravagant now. I think that would also help me to not blow whatever money I had and generally live within my current means most of the time.
The amount of money would have to genuinely be enough to keep me and my loved ones covered and safe for the rest of our lives.

That would have to account for loans paid off, housing, long-term care, future needs, groceries, cigarettes, etc.

We’re both chronically ill. If Ontario healthcare collapses, we need to be able to pay for ourselves — last year would have been around $125,000 if we stayed in the US, so if we somehow scrape by ‘til 100, that’s at least $10,000,000 before inflation.

Let’s see… if our rent miraculously stayed the same for 75 more years, it’d be $1,575,000.

Let’s say $375,000 as a low dental estimate.

Skimming $200,000 off the top for debts and other things that ought to be taken care of immediately.

Another miracle: let’s call phone and hydro a flat $450,000.

Who knows how much will vanish with tax.

And the grocery situation is very rough here. Might be as high as $800 a month currently. If that somehow held… $720,000.

Cigarettes… $500,000.

We don’t even have a car. But say we scrounged up a single decent used deal every seven years. At least $200,000.

Gas, to say nothing of maintenance, let’s call that $300 / mo… $270,000.

And parking here. Woof. Let’s say $100 / mo. That’s $90,000.

Pet food, $200 / mo. $180,000.

If we’re living luxuriously and can get delivery once or twice a week… $600 / mo. $540,000.

Frustrating subscription services… we’re probably not far from $100 a month by now with increases! $90,000.


to maintain something close to our current life, with no accounting for extras, changes, a better apartment, a house (ha!), mobility devices, etc etc etc…

I’d need roughly $16,000,000 to start considering quitting my job.

That ignores stock horseshit and inflation horseshit, because, well, the two might as well cancel each other out here.

And if we assume a solid 50% tax… we double it to $32,000,000.

All to maintain this quiet life in our tiny apartment for a gravely optimistic 75 more years.
To more accurately answer the heart of the question — of course I want to quit my job. I would love to work on my own projects all the time and never worry.

But me and my loved ones would have to be truly covered.
I think we need to know just how ridiculous a sum of money we’re talking. If it’s 8 digits ridiculous, yes absolutely.
absolutely. I'd put in enough time so I don't fuck over the people I work with, then take a long break and go back to school
I had to leave a job I loved because it didn't pay the bills, I'd go back to doing that in a heartbeat (tutoring school kids)
I'd probably be boring and stay on for a few months/years while I get the details worked out on how to best handle the sum of money. Mainly to make sure both my wife and I could both quit our jobs (since hers is much more stressful than mine).

Though if we're talking like 10+ million then I would probably quit on the spot lmao.

I like my job well enough, and it pays me well, but I'd also rather just lay on the couch with my cats all day instead.

I might end up volunteering at an animal shelter or something similar down the road.
If it's enough to make me comfortable for the rest of my life then yep. I'd do charitable work instead, if I had enough maybe I'd set up a foundation or go into some sort of philanthropy - something to improve lives.
No, I love my work too much. Plus, I feel I'd sink in self-isolation if I have to just do whatever if I don't need a job.
I do not think I would. I would most likely still work just to keep some sense of normality.
Depends I guess. How much is it? Is it so much I have no reason to work ever again? Because if so I feel like I'd try to work for at least one more year, but in reality I'd probably put in my two weeks right away...I really hate my job. Lol
I’d continue working part time and only if I’m able to write about stuff I’m actually passionate about.
Are we talking comfortable retirement money? Because I'm probably scaling back quite a bit at that point.
Honestly probably not. My parents would probably get annoyed at me not having a job lol. I'd definitely start to half ass my current job more at the very least, and maybe quit it after a while to try to become a Twitch streamer or something.

Also, I'm imagining like, 10+ million here. Just a couple million no. I'd buy a house and not change anything about my life.
Considering that I am self-employed, no. I don't think I'll quit my job. Funemployment is kinda boring.
But having that ridiculous sum of money will definitely take a lot of pressure off my back and afford us more space to actually create fun stuff.
Depending on what counts as a ridiculous amount of money I would likely quit my job and then do it for free.
My current job is easy as pie, and even with that I'd still quit immediately if I were to win a truckload of money.
I wouldn’t quit immediately but I would begin prepping myself to quit. Even though I like the work that I do, I think I would be much happier if I got to do similar work on a volunteer basis with another organization. I might even opt to go back to get my PhD.
How ridiculous are we talking about?

'Cuz if it's "retire comfortably, money will never be a concern" kind of ridiculous, yeah, my boss would never hear from me again

I could see myself still ending up doing things that could theoretically qualify as a job, like writing or some kind of organizing/volunteer work, but it'd be very different doing something because I have the time and want to versus doing something else "because it's my job and just existing requires money"

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