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Discussion Wish they made more Pokemon Stadium-like minigames? Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe is an overlooked party hit


I just picked up this game and tried it out with some friends and was impressed how well it went - I feel like it's gone under the radar since it's a pretty explicit "side mode" to a not-so-fresh remake. I suddenly had an epiphany format-wise, it's pretty much the Pokemon Stadium minigames, a satisfying mix of 10 minigames with simple controls but varying depth. It has a little tourney mode that doesn't quite measure up to Pokemon Stadium 2's fun dice-rolling come-backable "first to x points" mode, but it's still pretty great and there's even a "high speed mode" for the Kirby 64 favourite Checkerboard Chase if you want to get hardcore.

That's all, here's a picture to make this less naked lol

I'd say this game is overlooked in general. I genuinely had a great time with this remake when it released. The game far exceeded my expectations. If I could control the Kirby discourse, I'd say Forgotten Land shouldn't be the only Switch game discussed as a highlight this generation.

I haven't had a chance to try the minigame mode and am generally not a minigame person, but I'm glad to read you had a good time with it! It only strengthens my opinion that this game is a strong package that is easily recommendable.
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