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Discussion Which titles that haven't yet gotten the 99 treatment would make for the best candidates? Pitch ideas...


I know F-Zero is awesome and I'm pretty sure many of you do as well... but for all the talk we hear about it on forums, only a tiny fragment of gamers have actually played F-Zero... that is until now. Thankfully the franchise will finally reach the audience it so richly deserves on Switch's fairly massive online player-base. Not only are Nintendo adding tremendous value to their online service with games like this and retaining customers, but they're also popularizing F-Zero far beyond what it ever has been before. Millions of new gamers are going to become F-Zero fans which puts the franchise back in the spotlight and provides any potential future instalments with a tremendous shot in the arm. To be blunt, F-Zero just went from dormant to entirely relevant over night.

So what do you think is next? And how would you implement the gameplay?

I think Wave Race 99 is a no-brainer because they can essentially apply a similar concept but with jet-skis. Missing buoys will obviously knock off many of the 99 and perhaps a new move or two to send your opponents astray. Make sure to watch out for those waves(y)
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start with a 10x10 or 15x15 puzzle for 99 people, the 10 quickest people to solve a puzzle move to the next round, then the 5 quickest, then the top 2, something like that

you can also do rapid fire small 5x5 puzzles and anyone who makes a mistake is out
Mario Bros. 99 is bound to happen some day. Kick enemies off the stage to send them to opponents, grab coins to get more health or boost damage or something, and use the pow to clear hordes of enemjes when you're getting piled on. It makes so much sense. Oh also make it control like crap like the original for good measure.
Balloon Fight would be my pick. Players control balloon fighters as they attempt to take each other down while worrying about the other enemies or hazards. So basically like Balloon Fight except with lots of people.

Though I would like to see Wario's Woods (SNES) get a similar treatment as one player reigns supreme on monster clearing.

Thank you for reading.
Warioware 99 is the obvious one to me. It’s already built for stressful 5-second arcade events.

But let’s be a little more ambitious: Great Plateau 99. Basically BotW Battle Royale.
Turrican 99
Explore the massive levels, gets the diamonds and 1ups, fight ennemies, find the numerous secrets and get to the exit.
Pizza Tower 99.

Who can anger Peppino the fastest.

Who can fail a dive roll the fastest.
WarioWare 99 was up there with F-Zero for my top picks after seeing Tetris 99
I think the micro game format with it speeding up every few rounds allows for a really simple and quick fire battle royale game
Battletoads 99, but it's only that one racing level where you have to avoid those walls on the track at a high speed.
I mean, Zelda LTTP 99. No better experience going through a randomizer dungeon with 98 other slick daddies in a colored tunic with a hope and a dream.
Xenoblade 99 and the objective is not to leave the game because all the characters are talking
botw 99... jsut like fortnite etc... cosmetics and skins from across Zelda's history, Malice circle closing in on different parts of the map, climb/glide etc... (i think keeping it to BOTW's mechanics rather than expanding it to TOTK makes a lot of sense) - but obviously thats a bigger investment etc... than the usual 99 games
Mega Man. You got 8 games utilizing the 8-bit style. Plenty of fodder for incorporating various level sets and bosses, in a style not unlike Mario 35's battle royale.
I don't know what the next 99 game will be, but I know the 99 game after that will be played with sticks and stones.


I don't know. I hope that the next game takes after F-Zero more than Tetris. Having 99 people simultaneously racing is a lot more engaging than playing Pac-Man at the same time as 98 people.

Someone mentioned Balloon Fight, and that feels right to me. Heck, maybe Ice Climbers would suck less in this format! Actually, let's leap a few generations ahead and pull something from Mario Party for this purpose: Bumper Balls 99! Need I say more?
Steel Diver: Sub Wars 99

I had a lot of fun with this game on the 3DS. Just include some special sub skins, crew members, and maps for events similar to those in Tetris 99 and it's good to go.
Gimme a NES Remix 99 please. And this can be expanded to other systems and franchises as well 🙂
panel de pon 99 and it isnt even close. you could really just copy/paste the BR mechanics added to tetris and have it work more or less flawlessly.

i used to think that this was kind of a shoe in idea too, but after i realized that each new 99 game has been a different genre idk anymore
I've pitched this before, even using this same phrase, but for those who weren't paying enough attention before, including Nintendo:


99 submarines fight until only the last survivor emerges to smell fresh air, or two armies of 50 go at it in large scale tactical underwater combat. Rewads include new submarine models, paint-jobs and crewmembers. It's so easy. It's so obvious. It'd be so good.
Dragon quest 99
Start in the world of Dragon Quest 3. Fast speed, fast leveling and job gaining. No dialogue. First of 99 to beat the last boss.
Animal Crossing 99, every player loads in via a sea plane scene that you need to watch 99 times, then once the timer starts, first person to craft an axe and cut down a single tree wins.
I'd say Bomberman but Battle 64 already exists and is as expected amazing.

My pick is Excitebike. It starts 99 players running through an endless track by themselves, trying to get to arcade racer style gates before the rest. Each gate removes a couple racers from the track.

Clearing obstacles like ramps smoothly lets you send those to a different opponent, which can then send them to other racers in turn. Clearing rival-sent obstacles also moves the clear gate closer to you, so you can get there faster (I'd say it increases your speed, but that would make the game harder to control 🤔)
Metroid Fusion 98 with 49 Samuses against 49 SA-X "impostors" that look identical.

Pikmin 50v50 in which the objective is to collect more treasure than the other team. Everyone starts with 1 pikmin, but can steal from their teammates and can carry a maximum of 100. There can be 2000 pikmin at the field at once. Pikmin can kill enemy pikmin like in Pikmin 2's vs mode. There are multiple roaming bosses across the map, like Man-At-Legs and Smoky Progg, and whoever deals the finishing blow can control it.
Pushmo 99

Everyone has a set amount of time to complete the first puzzle, bottom 33 get knocked out.

Then another puzzle and the bottom 33 get knocked out.

Then it's a race to see who completes the last puzzle first
Echoing Excitebike 99, especially with F-Zero 99 offering up a good template that could be shamelessly copied for it.

Obviously Mario Kart 99, Kirby's Air Ride 99, Stunt Race FX 99, Uniracers 99, and Diddy Kong Racing 99.

Wii Bowling 99
Golf 99 (especially if they code something in where there's the possibility for balls to collide)
Balloon Fight / Balloon Trip 99
Mario Bros 99
Smash 99 (Basically take the vs. 100 challenge and have people just dropping in constantly, Royal Rumble style)

I like the suggestions for NES Remix and WarioWare as those would be hilarious. I'd also add Rhythm Heaven, Mario Party (just the minigames), and 1+2 Switch into similar consideration.
Super Mario 6499: Bowser's Worst Nightmare

Due to an error in syntax actually becomes a 6,499 players simultaneously racing to triumphantly yell "So long gay Bowsie!" With full on player collision mechanics. Watch hundreds of Marios die at once as they are simply crowded out of a level right at the start to their deaths. It won't just be Bowser's worst nightmare, it will be yours and your families' as well as you run through a familiar level (that's been transformed into the tops of other Mario heads) to a thousand Mario chorus of "Wahoos!" It's all worth it though as you overcome state lottery-level odds to bask in your empty victory and get thrown back into matchmaking that takes an estimated 3 hours.
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Not really a "99" game, but a real-time Advance Wars would be wild.
2D Zelda, but not confined to dungeons. 99 Links unleashed on an overworld with a handful of dungeons, just absolute carnage as they all go their separate ways, form impromptu groups, taking on several dungeons simultaneously, sharing their spoils with the group. Chaos.
Wii Music 99

Sink or swim in this non-elimination cacophony of public domain or cheaply licenced music where the entire orchestra sounds drunk. At the end of each round the entire orchestra votes to eliminate the "problem" Among Us style until all the "problems" are eliminated.

"Wait, you said non-elimination?" Well I lied.

Final two face off in soloist challenge each with a different random instrument until one concedes to the other. If neither concede then it's decided by a brawl using their last random instrument as a weapon. The winner then questions everything that got them to this point in their life.
I feel like a minigame from the Kirby series would work. Return to Dreamland pretty much a mode for samurai Kirby facing other players to see who was faster. Might be too short a game tho.
Pikmin 99. It's a little different from the other 99 games in that it's structured like Salmon Run from Splatoon, 99 people are each their own Pikmin and they're tasked to work together to finish a dungeon or a given Pikmin day.

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