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Discussion Which games do you think "This would've worked better as a new IP"?

"Metroidvania like progression" is not something that was in any of the previous 3D zeldas. I mean, maybe Skyward sword got closest I guess, but the general consensus was the repetition held the game back anyway.

You don't meaningfully gain access to new parts of areas in areas you've already visited through use of abilities you gained elsewhere in OOT/MM/WW/TP, you just get arbitrarily gated off from entering them at all. There's literally a guard standing there stopping you leaving kokiri forest/going up death mountain/entering zora's domain until you hit the right plot beats.

The other games do the same, even the one that pretends to be the most open, Wind waker, utterly refuses to let the player deviate even a little bit from the heavily linear path, with the King of red lions telling you to cut that shit out, if you try and deviate even slightly from the most direct paths between Windfall, dragon roost, and forest haven until you've cleared those dungeons. And then it doesn't let you do the wind/earth temples in either order arbitrarily because they just hide the NPC to get in to the second one until you've cleared the one they decided they want you to do first.

All BOTW did differently was remove the arbitrary NPC gating of what were already basically separate areaas.
You can call it what you want, but Item gating and getting new abilities was one of the core pillars of Zelda before Botw. And many people enjoyed it, regardless off what you think of it. Yes, maybe some of the 3D Zeldas got a bit too linear, but even the rather nonlinear 2D games have not much in common with Botw. But whatever, I see I won’t change your opinion so we just have to agree that we disagree.

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