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Discussion When doth thou celebrate ye day of giving thanks?


  • October [false, ye art yon craven kind]

    Votes: 6 40.0%
  • November [truth, ye art yon noble and true of hearte]

    Votes: 9 60.0%

  • Total voters
I thanks giving to the ground

I’m an adult
real answer I hate that shit because I’m surrounded by the kinds of white people with neither object permanence nor willing awareness

but, on technicality, the β€œnation” we live in is big on October being end of harvest, which suits it

I am staunch in my principles, but if there’s space in the scales of my armor, it’s where that wild canberry shit can pierce
there is one thanksgiving carol that’s hard to resist, though…

there is one thanksgiving carol that’s hard to resist, though…

I had no idea Thanksgiving carols were even a thing.

As for me I love Thanksgiving (in November, as is right and proper!), it's my favorite holiday! But only because it's just 'cook a ton of good food with the family and hang out watching football' day. All of the pilgrims/'first Thanksgiving'/actually talking about what you're thankful for and treating that part seriously bullshit can miss me completely. Just food, family, and football, and a nice day off work does it for me.
Thanks giving is a C tier holiday at best, I just want to stick it to those awful Canadians, may god have mercy on their souls...though I doubt it.
I know this thread is largely a shitpost but I don't think "which country has better Thanksgiving" is really a question you want to ask if you're an American trying to dunk on Canadians
This is 99% an in joke with me and clov. I don't support American colonialism. Also, Canada's hands are just as bloody on that one.

I'm sorry, I'm not actually angry or upset with you over this, I just don't want this to turn into "which colonial power is more evil"
She made this thread because the proper month Thanksgiving is in is something we joke about together IRL all the time. Like, I say it's October, and she's like, "No, it's November!"

We also joke about how I say Kraft Dinner and she says Mac and Cheese, and how I say TimBit and she says Donut Hole


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