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Predictions What will be the Switch 2's "Skyrim on Switch!" moment/game?

What will be the Switch 2's "Skyrim on Switch!" moment/game?

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Remember something guys.

Skyrim PS3/X360 version was a 6 year old game when it was feature in Switch teaser back in October 2016

But the same month the game was being remastered for PS4/XOne. In fact, footage shown in that teaser was from the Gen 8 version, not Gen 7.

So, technically speaking, it was considered a new game (more or less).
Yeah, GTA6 is the best choice for what Nintendo is trying to advertise. Day and date games for a handheld.

I expect Elden Ring, Baldur's Gate 3, FF16 and Assassin's Creed Shadows to aslo be at the reveal trailer but GTA6 as the closer would be dropping the big bomb.
RDR2 would be the better choice, since, it's still one of the most graphically impressive game, maybe in some pipe dream, making the game 60fps on Switch 2 would entice people.
RDR2 will be the RDR remaster of the Switch 1. Just a simple res bump. We know what it is but, out of respect, I will go with GTA 6. The idea the Switch 1 tried to convey is something we couldn't imagine. We all can imagine RDR 2 even a superior port. I know that's more in line with how Skyrim was but I think GTA 6 will be that port.

Elden Ring will not even be a remaster, it won't have any touch up. Just a higher resolution and maybe a stable framerate. Why? Not many Japanese studios do these kind of remasters.
I honestly think there’s a solid shot Elden Ring will be on there but I don’t think it’d catch the sort of eyes that Skyrim did for the Switch. It’s a last gen game and we’ve seen AAA portable gaming become more mainstream. Even BG3 wouldn’t be quite THAT surprising, albeit that’s what I’m betting on. But a port of GTA 6? Now THAT would be shocking when it’s gonna be pushing the PS5/XSX pretty hard
The Switch 2 getting GTA 6 would be insane. Not only is it a long awaited sequel to a franchise famously reluctant to release on Nintendo platforms, but it’s a truly next-gen game that would really show the capabilities of the console beyond 8th gen games. It would be a massive win if they pull it off.
a 4k 120hz remaster of PONG, featuring lines in a wide variety of colors + full Dolby Atmos audio support.

gaming will never be the same.

worth noting that Atari was at one point considering a PONG collection, so there's a small chance this might unironically happen.
BG3 is what I actually believe is going to happen, but to get the same effect as Skyrim it'd have to be Elden Ring or FFVII Remake.
Feels like Elden Ring would make a lot of sense, given it's cross gen and already super popular and successful.

Also ready for a new generation of this meme.

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Elden Ring, RDR2, or perhaps…something else, but only because it is a graphical powerhouse, and really the only heir apparent to “Can it run Crysis?”

You could argue the same for other titles such as Baldur's Gate 3, but there is one for sure which many will think, ”This is on a fucking handheld?!”
I think I have to see the Switch successor's actual final specs and form before I begin to think of what could be the console's "Skyrim"…
Nintendo's clearly been courting Rockstar, distributing all their physical games on Switch lately and supposedly having a number of behind the scenes deals. RDR2 around launch feels almost inevitable and if they can get GTA6, that would be enormous.

That said, Elden Ring also feels likely!
Haha, this game will never stop to re-release and because of its recurring nature, the Switch 2 Skyrim moment will be - Skyrim! This time with cranked up visuals, that it will finally nearly look like Skyrim on current gen consoles (not the crazy very high quality modded stuff ofc) which is already nothing new. Should not be too hard, higher res textures, more foliage and better draw distance, volumetric light and fog, ao, more fps. Hello again, Skyrim!
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Nintendo's clearly been courting Rockstar, distributing all their physical games on Switch lately and supposedly having a number of behind the scenes deals. RDR2 around launch feels almost inevitable and if they can get GTA6, that would be enormous.

That said, Elden Ring also feels likely!
That would be great, then I can buy it 18 months later for a reasonable price (I want to experience some of that world, but I also know it's not my style of game, rdr2)
I’d put money on Monster Hunter Wilds. The RE Engine seems to be pretty fantastic at scaling between different systems, and both Capcom and Nintendo have got to be happy with the incredible numbers Rise/Sunbreak pulled on the Switch.
RDR2 would be the better choice, since, it's still one of the most graphically impressive game, maybe in some pipe dream, making the game 60fps on Switch 2 would entice people.
There was a self proclaimed insider (not here anymore) here last year who claimed he knew about RDR2 and it ran at 60fps. He also said it would release alongside totk though, which was a popular theory at the time.
I'd go with the FFVII remake myself.

The idea of playing Rebirth on a handheld a year after it came out on PS5 would blow a lot of minds. That would set the standard and make a strong statement in the process.
I feel that everybody must bear in mind that the S2NS will be a RT and DLSS-capable custom Nvidia SoC. In 2019, Nvidia spoke about leadership on ray tracing, and the feature being on Nintendo’s future hardware speaks to intention. So, they’ll want to show a game/games with this specific feature. With that in mind, here is a slightly edited post I wrote earlier this year on the same topic. At the time of writing, I hadn’t considered other titles we haven’t heard much about. Having done so since, I’m throwing a potential wildcard into the ring, and that is the sequel to Daemon X Machina (the first one opened Nintendo’s E3 Direct in 2018).

I felt that their presence at Gamescom and showing developers a demo of The Matrix Awakens running on targeted specs was a statement of intent. This mattered a lot because two years of negative momentum preceded the Wii U launch, and the list of partners was barren compared to the one for the Switch. To build on their 140m+ success, creating as positive a perception as possible is imperative. Showing XB1/PS4 ports won’t do that, even if they’ve had performance boosts for their respective successors, because we’ve seen the goalposts shift to “Yeah, but those are last gen games we’ve already played” - Same thing happened with Batman: Arkham City on the Wii U, although to this day, it remains the highest acclaimed superhero title.

GTA5 would actually be embarrassing. That ship has sunk, especially as a lead third-party launch title, and when the discussion has shifted full throttle to GTA6. Drawing a false equivalence with Skyrim doesn’t help here, either, because that was a remastered edition, and more a statement that Bethesda were on board with a Nintendo platform after a long absence, and in part because they had wanted that game on the Wii U. Bethesda also expressed an enthusiasm for the Switch pitch, and said at the time that they looked forward to putting more games on it. That isn’t the case for R*, as they’ve been present with LA Noire and RDR1. GTA6 is the statement it needs, and I’ve said elsewhere that I believe Nintendo wants that game, and will endeavour to get it on their platform. Also, bear in mind that it needs another audience, as R* won’t have PS/XBox owners to double-dip, and that already puts it some tens of millions down from the last GTA title. I would also rule out RE4 Remake and Red Dead Redemption 2 because if any of those games come at all, they should be mere formalities, and NOT the height of aspiration for new Nintendo hardware.

Elden Ring is a cross-gen title, and it’s a lock-in at some point because Nintendo doesn’t put out a tweet acknowledging it before its launch “for the love” - Its forthcoming DLC means it’s in the discussion, and a complete edition could be the one. COULD be. I’m confident it’ll come, but I don’t have it down as a lead title.

So, What else is there? I have a feeling that Dragon Quest 12 is a strong possibility for a lead third-party Japanese title, and the reason we haven’t seen it yet is because it’ll make its premiere at a Direct or conference. Monster Hunter: Wilds is a close second for me in this area because unless Sony has a domestic exclusivity deal on it, that game will not achieve its true sales potential at home without the existence of a Nintendo version. LADGaiden should be a formality, but I don’t see it because I don’t have a great deal of confidence in Sega currently, or feel that new hardware would change the toxic attitude of their studio’s developers.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a lock-in, and should be the lead Western third-party launch title, in order to create a very positive perception if GTA6 can’t be confirmed on the reveal. If they can show it with a split screen mode, that would be some flex because the XSS didn’t have it. The banned-on-here CDPR title is another strong contender in this area because Nvidia had done some work with it - I believe it’s in the discussion, and more so, if it can be shown with ray tracing and a better performance than the XB1/PS4 versions. Don’t wish to say any more than that on it because I want to be as mindful of others as possible. I wouldn’t rule out EA Sports, specifically Madden, because the Switch reached this point without it, and now would be a good time for it to make a comeback. At the same time, I remain sceptical because of the reality of that publisher’s anti-Nintendo culture and industry politics.

Most of all, I feel that collectively, we must move beyond a handful of XB1/PS4 ports that aren’t on the Switch. They won’t move the needle in meaningful ways for Nintendo, or turn a 140m+ success into one that can push closer to 200m, or at least eclipse the PS2 lifetime sales with confidence. PS5/XS games are the aspiration. We know this because the successor has DLSS/neural unit and RT cores on chip, as well as Ampere and Lovelace elements - These things wouldn’t be there if Nintendo aspired to XB1/PS4 ports, and it will never not be wild to me that the gaming community and discourse continues to disrespect them like this. Still, let’s not forget that Nintendo recruited an ex-PS employee for their Developer & Partnership Relations. That says to me that they will push harder for certain titles, and I believe they’ve answered the third party question “Why buy the Nintendo version?”, too. So, fans can, and ought to dare to expect more. 💕✨
Cyberpunk 2077. I think it turned into a good game with the updates and looks impressive. It’s definitely something I’d rather play on a portable.
My first thought was Baldur's Gate III, but Elden Ring seems a very logical choice as well. So that one.

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