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Discussion What Are You Playing This Weekend, Fam? US Thanksgiving Edition |11/24 - 11/27|

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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to our Fami, whether you’re in the US or not!
A lot of people have an extended weekend as a result of the holiday, so that means we get an extended Weekend thread this week! After all the dinners, the football, the dishes, the arguing with conservative uncles, after all of that, what games are you going to be spending the long weekend with? This is the thread to talk about what we’re currently playing!


God of War Ragnarok

I’m still fully stuck-in with Ragnarok. 30 hours in now, and it feels like events are starting to rocket towards a conclusion. This game is absolutely amazing. GOTY for sure. Game of the Generation contender. Just incredible. I love it.


Pokemon Scarlet
Five hours in. I have one gym badge, ready to fight another, and also ready to take on the first Titan. I won’t go into the performance issues here, we all know what’s going on with ScarVio. All I’ll say is that the game is indeed a total disaster that is nonetheless very fun to play.


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First of all, happy thanksgiving!

My game of choice this weekend will be Pokémon Scarlet! I can finally play it without interruptions!

Also, got the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise in a twitter raffle, so i'll be giving love to that one, as well as Splatoon 3

And this one is not set in stone, bu maybe some
Euro Truck Simulator 2 for relax purposes. Someone gifted me the Iberia expansion and my city is in ^_^


he / him or they / them
We'll see what time allows, but I'd like to finish my run of NES Metroid (getting close to Ridley) and keep exploring the start of Persona 5 Royal!

Oh yeah, and more Marvel Snap. I wish pvp was ready for the holidays because I have a lot of comic nerds in the extended family.

Legion of Primes

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Happy thanksgiving. I’ll be busy some for the next few days but I got an old favorite installed on my deck I wanna try, dragon age origins. If not, then maybe lego Star Wars
Gonna be playing lots of Pokemon Violet. Game has some issues for sure as has been well-documented up to this point but it's probably my favorite post-DS Pokemon game so far. Stayed up til 6am last night playing and didn't even realize how late it was lol.

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Canada has Thanksgiving in early-mid October which - obviously I'm biased! - always made more sense to me than late November. That's too close to Christmas! Hope everyone has a good time and is able to stay safe.

I finished Persona 5 Royal recently and...immediately began a New Game+ after. I'm almost done the second run! I've been barrelling through the game with maxed out personas and endgame gear, maxing out all the confidants, taking on like five girlfriends lol. It's a real Hot Mess Run and I am all the way here for it. Been nice to have a victory lap with what is now my favourite game.

I've been meaning to try Pentiment. Maybe this weekend is the time for that! I also need to figure out what JRPG to play next. The Switch's Black Friday week deals are killer. I feel like I keep getting 99% sure of my pick, then see another amazing game with a steep discount and everything is thrown into question lol. Wish me luck!


In the meantime while my Switch is being repaired, I went back to my DS/3DS library and finished Ghost Trick. A great little masterpiece, as good as the Ace Attorney games, if not maybe a bit better! I might try out Sonic Frontiers and Digimon Survive soon.


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Happy Thanksgiving! I'm bouncing back and forth between Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and God of War (2018). M+R is different than the original in some ways but I'm enjoying the ride. God of War is also great, but it's been a slow burn. My PS5 is away from everyone and I'm making a point to spend more time in the same room as family, especially for the holiday weekend.


I'll be swapping between Sparks of Hope and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, both of which are excellent. In an ideal world I would also find time to pick up Sunbreak again, but that might have to wait.


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I’m alternating between Pokemon Violet (it’s awesome!) and a replay of Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for the site event (it’s also awesome!).


Visiting family this weekend so picking away at Splatoon 3 (almost done with island 3) when I can or destroying my sister at Mario Kart or Smash.

Also starting to clean out some demos since I don’t have enough storage left for the update-palooza coming next week 😨


Currently cleaning up the postgame for Pokemon Scarlet. I've also been playing some Smash with friends on the side.

After Scarlet is the real question however. Either I start Metro Exodus, or return to Prey.


Sea of Thieves. Love the new PvP even though I lose more often than not.

I need to get to my backlog and play Splatoon 3, Kirby, and Bayonetta 3. I tried GoW Ragnarok but I just can’t get into it.

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Not American so no Thanksgiving plans but I still got family coming over and thus not a lot of time for games. In other words: Nintendo Switch Sports time, perhaps some Northgard.

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