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StarTopic Virtual Youtubers |ST| Pomufication of Famiboards starts now


Still Bustin'
Welcome to Famiboards' ST about this already hugely famous breed of streamers called Virtual Youtubers or Vtubers for short. Some of you already know about them, and have their oshis and kamioshi chosen for months if not years. But what about those that don't and would like to get into them? Well, check some of the vtubers mentioned below!

We should start with


The absolute pioneers of the current style of vtubing, known for giving as much freedom to their talents as possible (sometimes too much like with Utako...), values both individuality and good chemistry between people. Back in February 8th 2018, someone called Tsukino Mito posted a short introductory video using a hillariously jank Live2D model

and the rest is history. Noone, not even Mito herself, thought Nijisanji would last more than just a few months. Today they have not only the japanese branch, but also indonesian, korean, chinese and an english-speaking branch that has people from all over the world, all amounting to over 200 talents. You can check who's who by going to https://www.nijisanji.jp/en/members?order=debut_at and start with the NijiEN members!

Since we're on an english-speaking board I will recommend 3 streams to watch from NijiEN

1) 【POMURA INPUFF】Choose Your Own Adventure Date - Nice to Meet You! (don't let the title fool you, it goes off the rails after 15-20 minutes)

2)【POMUBREAK】 LazuLight karaoke ft ビートまりお / beatMARIO

3)【LazuLight x OBSYDIA: MELTDOWN! 】NIJISANJI EN Special Live Game Show

And now onto the next group

Hololive took a different approach from Nijisanji: first and foremost they're a group of idols, with all the benefits and problems that approach gives. And before people start grabbing their pitchforks and torches, you need to stop thinking about idols from a decade ago. Today idol groups are, well, much more "normal" and varied than the cutesy can't have a boyfriend type that people normally think when they hear the word "idols".
Hololive started back in September 7th 2017 with the debut of Tokino Sora

Back then, Sora was seen as yet another clone of Kizuna Ai trying to cash in on the fad and barely anyone cared about her (or Robocco who debuted some time later). It wasn't until Hololive's Generation 1 debut in 2018, when they started using Live2D models that people started paying attention to them. While still doing the whole idol group thing, Gen 1's approach to vtubing was much more in the style of Nijisanji: streamers using an L2D avatar. Today Hololive has over 50 members, and branches in Japan, Indonesia, and an english-speaking one with people from different parts of the world. You can check them out here https://en.hololive.tv/member

Here are 3 recommended HoloEN streams to watch

[Gonna need help from HoloEN fans with this, since I myself don't watch them. So just DM me 1 or 2 streams you would use to introduce new people to HoloEN]

Those 2 agencies are absolute juggernauts in the world of vtubing, but obviously it does not ends there. On the japanese side of things we have smaller groups like VOMS, 774 Inc or VSPO. Meanwhile on the english-speaking side of things there's Hanamori, Tsunderia or VShojo. And don't forget about countless indies, just check the vtubers section on Twitch.

Honorable mention


Thread-specific rules:
1. NO REAL LIFE IDENTITY TALK OF VTUBERS. As much as I would love to talk about the person behind Suzuhara Lulu starting a YT channel recently, we ain't doing that shit here.
2. Talking about the so-called "past life" is fine as long as they were also a vtuber. So talk all you want about Ryusei Nova, Mint Fantome, Fuzuki Miki, Cierra Ruins, Lyrica etc in here without problems.
3. If you can't wrap your head around vtubers, that's fine. Just don't come in here being an ass to the rest and taking potshots at fans or vtubers themselves.

And don't forget: Diamond City Lights>Black Out
And to start off a new thread with something new too, tonight NijiEN is debuting Ethyria!

So if you would like to get into vtubers with some new fresh faces, today's the day.
Ethyria's debuts + debut single
Ethyria's debuts

Nina Kosaka, October 8th, 2021 7:10 PM (PDT)

Millie Parfait, October 8th, 2021 7:40 PM (PDT)

Enna Alouette, October 8th, 2021 8:10 PM (PDT)

Reimu Endou, October 8th, 2021 8:40 PM (PDT)

Debut single "God sees all", October 8th, 2021 10:00 PM (PDT)
Need some activity in here.

Ethyria's debuts weren't bad. If not for Nina's honey tick, this would be a great if not somewhat unremarkable wave. I really hope she doesn't stick to that in the long run. Debuts aren't really a good representation of any vtuber, so we'll see where she is in a month or so.
Bit of a strange OP. Reads a bit too much like it was made by an exclusively Nijisanji fanboy. And I didn't even know company wars like that were a thing...

Anyway, the new NijiEN debuts were a bit awkward (as expected for debuts) and none of them really grabbed me yet. Looking forward to seeing them grow more comfortable in their new roles with a slightly bigger audience than they're probably used to.
Next Episode of HoloMyth's TTRPG is starting in 10 minutes:

I don't think I watch enough to have good suggestions for the HoloLive portion of the OP, but I think the MythBreakers Session 0 streams were great, especially Ina's and Gura's.

EDIT: Actually I would recommend this drawing collab for Holo EN, it really shows off their personalities and chemistry:

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Nijisanji is having a 32 people collab this Saturday playing Blazing Sails

and the NijiEN girls are participating in it

It starts at 2AM PDT/5AM EDT/6PM JST
catching up to Korone's Dread streams. Glad she's enjoying it and her reactions are great as always
Shark gurl and Dog gurl are my favs. Was first iffy on the v-tuber thing but gave it a solid change a few months ago. Need to get back watching but was a bit busy irl lately haha.
Prism Project is doing an Among Us collab. Rare all gen collab. Too bad Shiki couldn't make it because she strained her voice
I mostly just watch Amelia these days since she's my favorite, but Gura and Selen from Nijisanji are alot of fun too. Pikamee's fun too.

Nothing beats a ground pound
Pomu and Petra will be doing the Nijisanji personality quiz created by Tsukino Mito in an hour.

Pomu, Rosemi, Layla and Derem are gonna do a horror-themed oneshot DnD session with Reza as DM in 3 hours


fun endurance stream with people coming in to chat, Kiara just left but Gura is there instead.
hi, i don't typically like talking about Vtubers due to rough emotional trauma relating to a former one. but i think this piece of news belongs here. as it's too minor to go in the main thread for the subject.

it was brought to my attention that Amelia Watson (from Hololive) did some Yoshi's Island streams recently, fine on it's own. but the third thumbnail is interesting.

(mirror in case it gets swapped out)

in case you don't see what's special about it. some staff member accidentally used sprites from a prototype of the game taken from the gigaleak.

this is particularly notable as due to how messed up copyright laws are in Japan, Hololive has to actually get permission from game developers for their talent to be able to stream their games. meaning someone at Nintendo just accidentally approved showing off some content featured in the leaks.

Kojima reacting to Pekora livestreaming MGS 3 (for a second since the first playthrough was part of the "purge") and his latest tweet wishing he saw her Death Standing playthrough live.

Would be nice if it resulted into a big Hololive collab with Death Standing 2, give me goofy costumes with custom sounds and stuff.
I know this thread is pretty much dead but with Pomu and now Selen departures it's starting to paint a grim picture regarding Nijisanji and how Anycolor treats their talents. Especially concerning to read in their official statements that she was subjected to internal bullying from other livers at the company (which then resulted to her hospitalization).

Feeling bad for the vtubers at the company that also weren't part of the bullying (because fuck those people obviously).

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