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StarTopic US Politics |ST| The Kyrsten Sinema-tic Universe

While this is certainly true, I think it’s also just the fact that he’s a democrat and so republicans and a fair bit of the media paint him as such. Republicans will paint literally any democrat as a “far left extremist” because they know that it helps motivate both their own base and also the more centrist voters to vote against them later. We could literally elect a potato as president that does nothing but sit around and be a potato but if it ran as a democrat then it’d eventually be called a left wing extremist.
Ah yeah huh. Goofy thing: in my district there are two candidates running against each other whose campaigns paint each other as "dangerously liberal" and "far left" and "socialist" but they're both Trumper Republicans. 😂

Their positions and talking points are actually aligned but apparently in order to run as a Republican you gotta scare the voters into thinking the other candidate is a scaaaaaary liberal even if they're literally you but with a different haircut 🤣
Just need a couple more and democrats will be in control.
If they manage to pasa any meaningful legislation, 2024 is anything but served to the Democrats.

Without taking into account Republican gerrymandering and the Florida Democrats fiasco
Nobody should vote for Joe Biden, tbh.

He is a white supremacist and that's why he is enabling the genocide in Gaza.


Just so angry today.`
Seems the gloves are off with the Biden-Harris camp. That press statement towards Donald Trump was devastating x_x
Arizona Supreme Court says we should go back to 1864.

One of the weirdest parts about this is Arizona was admitted to the Union nearly 50 years later in February 1912. These chuckleheads are like, “Sure, yeah, let’s go back to before we were even a state.” Like what? Really, y’all are doing this?

Go for it, I guess. Banning abortion is unpopular with the Republican base yet the party/politicians keep chugging along because they don’t know what else to do. It was better as a talking point to galvanize voters who wanted to stand for something yet couldn’t imagine a world without it. They were a dog chasing cars then they finally caught the car and realized they never had a plan for when/if they caught it.
Republicans are catering to the extremist White Nationalists because that's where the money's at for them. They don't care for the consequences because they have a militant MAGA America base, and when the GOP says the elections were rigged, their blind follows will be up in arms for them. Nevermind the fact they're gerrymandering and supressing votes.

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