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US eShop Deals Roundup | 03-14-2022

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Rusty Slugger

Bat & Switch
Game TitleDiscountSale PriceOriginal PricePublisher
88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition80% off$5.99$29.95Rising Star Games
A Dark Room60% off$2.79$6.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Aeolis Tournament85% off$2.24$14.99Forever Entertainment
Aery – A Journey Beyond Time80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Agony90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Bad Dream: Coma80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Bad Dream: Fever80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Bedtime Blues80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Binarystar Infinity50% off$2.49$4.99Forever Entertainment
Bomber Fox50% off$2.49$4.99Forever Entertainment
Button Button Up!60% off$4.79$11.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Conga Master Party!80% off$1.99$9.95Rising Star Games
Cooking Simulator90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Danger Scavenger80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Dark Veer60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Decay of Logos65% off$6.99$19.99Rising Star Games
Destiny's Princess: A War Story,...50% off$7.49$14.99D3Publisher
Diggerman60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Disease -Hidden Object-50% off$3.99$7.99D3Publisher
Dungeons & Aliens50% off$1.99$3.99Forever Entertainment
Enchanting Mahjong Match60% off$1.99$4.99D3Publisher
European Conqueror X60% off$3.99$9.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Explosive Candy World20% off$3.99$4.99eastasiasoft
Fishing Universe Simulator80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Fred3ric80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Frederic: Resurrection of Music60% off$2.39$5.99Forever Entertainment
Frontline Zed80% off$2.39$11.99Forever Entertainment
GIGA WRECKER ALT.65% off$8.74$24.99Rising Star Games
Gakuen Club50% off$12.49$24.99D3Publisher
Go All Out!80% off$2.59$12.99Forever Entertainment
Goetia80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Grab Lab60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Grave Keeper80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Green Hell75% off$6.24$24.99Forever Entertainment
Gunpowder on The Teeth: Arcade60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Hard West90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Hollow90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!70% off$4.49$14.99Rising Star Games
Holy Potatoes! We're In Space?!70% off$4.49$14.99Rising Star Games
Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?!60% off$6.00$15.00Rising Star Games
Hot Shot Burn85% off$2.24$14.99Forever Entertainment
Incredible Mandy60% off$5.99$14.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Knock 'Em Down! Bowling86% off$2.09$14.99D3Publisher
Mana Spark80% off$1.99$9.99QubicGames
Masky60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Merchants of Kaidan80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Millie60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Mini Island Challenge Bundle80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
My Brother Rabbit80% off$2.99$14.99Forever Entertainment
My Secret Pets!50% off$7.49$14.99D3Publisher
Ninja Shodown80% off$2.99$14.95Rising Star Games
NoReload Heroes80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Omen Exitio: Plague80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
OmoTomO80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Pack Master60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Panzer Dragoon: Remake75% off$6.24$24.99Forever Entertainment
Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders80% off$2.99$14.99Forever Entertainment
Phantaruk60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Phantom Doctrine90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Pixboy60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Pocket Mini Golf20% off$1.99$2.49QubicGames
Poly Puzzle60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Pub Encounter50% off$8.49$16.99D3Publisher
Puzzle Book50% off$1.99$3.99QubicGames
Q-YO Blaster80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Qbik60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
REKT! High Octane Stunts67% off$1.99$5.99QubicGames
RICO65% off$6.99$19.99Rising Star Games
Realpolitiks90% off$2.49$24.99Forever Entertainment
Risky Rescue60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Robonauts50% off$1.99$3.99QubicGames
Seeds of Resilience85% off$2.09$13.99Forever Entertainment
Shelter Generations60% off$7.99$19.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Shut Eye50% off$1.99$3.99Forever Entertainment
Sinless80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Solstice Chronicles: MIA60% off$5.99$14.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Sparkle 2 EVO60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Sparkle 3 Genesis60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Sparkle 4 Tales80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Sparkle ZERO60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
SpyHack80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Star Story: The Horizon Escape80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Startide80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Surfingers60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
TERRORHYTHM (TRRT)80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
THE Number Puzzle60% off$1.99$4.99D3Publisher
Tap Skaters60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Teddy The Wanderer: Mountain Hik...80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Teddy the Wanderer: Kayaking80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Tennis75% off$1.99$7.99D3Publisher
Tennis Open 202080% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes ...60% off$4.79$11.99D3Publisher
The Charming Empire50% off$12.49$24.99D3Publisher
The Childs Sight60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
The Mahjong Huntress60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment
Thief Simulator90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Towaga: Among Shadows85% off$2.24$14.99Forever Entertainment
Trailblazers80% off$5.99$29.99Rising Star Games
Ultimate Fishing Simulator90% off$1.99$19.99Forever Entertainment
Ultimate Ski Jumping 202080% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
VIRUS: The Outbreak80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Violett80% off$1.99$9.99Forever Entertainment
Wanderlust Travel Stories85% off$2.24$14.99Forever Entertainment
World Conqueror X60% off$3.99$9.99CIRCLE Entertainment
Zombillie60% off$1.99$4.99Forever Entertainment


Yeah, it's.... okay. I put it down after a couple hours.
I’ll skip then. At half off I am tempted by Neo TWEWY. I did enjoy the first game. Just passed due to backlog. And I did just redeem some Eshop credit. Also contemplating the latter AA trilogy on 3ds


13 Sentinels Evangelist
Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forum.

I'm curious about how this thread works. Is the thread/OP updated every few weeks when a big eShop sale is underway? Or is there a new thread created each time there's a new sale?

I'm just a bit confused since the date on this pinned thread is from a few weeks ago, and eShop sales are pretty much always happening in some form or another.
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