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News Ubisoft Forward- June 10th, 2024

Excited to see the new Assassin's Creed, if shown. Curious to see what time range they select for Japan.
Want to see how that star wars game is shaping up. Looked pretty great in the first trailer.

And who knows, we might see something that is going to end up on Switch 2, I expect ubi to be early in on the device.
Nintendo really should announce/reveal the successor by Early June.
I understand it'd be far away from the release, but they can gain a lot of hype for it through all those Summer events.
Guess this is were the Prince of Persia roguelite from the Dead Cells devs will be announced.
I'm guessing that roguelike Prince of Persia game will be here

Edit: Dammit beaten by seconds
every time these take place i delude myself into the hope of a new rayman game coming to fruition

this year isn't any different
Star Wars Outlaws and Assassin's Creed Red are guaranteed to be there

question is, will nintendo announce Drake so Ubisoft et al can have the logo on their trailers? 👀
And they'd bring their worst F-game to it! Nothing but the worst from Ubisoft, always
Whatever I gotta do to get close enough to smoosh a lemon meringue pie in Yves’ face!

I’m trying to think of the last Ubisoft game I played more than 45 minutes of

Assassin’s Creed…Origins, I think?
I can't think of anything they could possibly announce that I'd be excited for. I remember after Mario Rabbids' Rayman DLC they made remarks about there now being a Rayman team, but I've been hoping for so long that I'll only get excited when I see him with my own eyes.

This reminded me I still need to get Prince of Persia though.
Trying to think what all I want to see here... the new AC Red, Star Wars Outlaws and maybe they'll show the new PoP by the Dead Cells team if it's real? Maybe Splinter Cell finally?
Extremely early announcement heh. I wonder if there's like an arrangement where Nintendo told them: "by this date, we will have revealed the successor". Could very much happen.
beyond good and evil 2 will finally get its release date!
oh yea, I forgot about the remastered version of the first game. the version that was accidentally released was an alpha version, if I remember correctly. so it should look much better
Guess this is were the Prince of Persia roguelite from the Dead Cells devs will be announced.
Looks like it's actually being revealed at the Triple-i presentation next week, but they might still show it at this event too.

Preview events seem to be happening and Evil Empire were the ones who started the Triple-i initiative to begin with.
I know it’s probably canned at this point, but I was amazed at the scope of beyond good and evil 2. If they actually pull that off, it could be pretty incredible.

I really love some of Ubisofts library. I think I enjoyed them more in the early 2000’s and 2010’s when they were putting out games like splinter cell conviction, and the assassins creed ezio trilogy, but I’ve really enjoyed my time with both assassins creed origins and odyssey, as well as far cry 5 and 6. Yes these game are formulaic, but I think the formula is fun tbh. They’ve also put out some incredible 2d stuff, like the rayman games, and prince of Persia most recently. I know those games don’t sell gang busters for them, but I hope they continue.

Plus while I may not have loved the game, avatar frontiers of pandora is one of the most visually impressive games I’ve ever played on pc. I’m also really excited for starwars outlaws.

If the switch 2 is announced by then, it will be a good time to rerelease Mario rabbids sparks of hope, and give that game the attention it deserves. It will also really shine on better hardware.

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