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Discussion Tropical Weather [ST] Category 5 Memes Not Allowed

I am surprised we don't have one of these going considering just how much of an impact tropical cyclones can have on people's lives.

Just this year alone we've had Cyclone Mocha in the Northern Indian Ocean strike Myanmar earlier this month. Cyclone Freddy in the Southern Indian Ocean being the longest lasting, longest traveling, and highest accumulated Cyclonic energy (ACE) every recorded and impacted Madagascar and Mozambique back in February and March, Cyclones Darian and Herman around Australia, and Cyclone Kevin in the South Pacific. And those were the major ones, there's also been a couple of Mediterainean storms, a south Atlantic one, a north Atlantic subtropical storm, and a number of other storms in the past six months.

And right now, the island of Guam in the northwestern Pacific is under the gun of Typhoon Mawar and is expect to take a direct hit in the next few hours.

Here's the current forecast track and winds of Mawar as of 1 pm ChST.

Also, NWS Tiyan has put the entirety of Guam under 14 hour Flash Flood Warning.

Finally, I wanted to make sure this was a general thread for all basins (not just one) and for all years. If you have a tropical storm you want to talk about, talk about it here.

Finally finally, if someone has a better title, that would be great.

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