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Discussion Thread to recommend video content in


Piranha Plant
So, I made this thread for my benefit more than anything because quite a few youtube channels are dead or barely active. I wanted to see if people here can recommend some Content(tm) to watch.

Here's my list of good and important videos:

Civvie 11 - Does mainly reviews of Boomer Shooters. Has an almost walkthrough style and a very dry sense of humor. Reviews feature skits, but more a parody of those you'd see in other review shows, as they barely make sense.
Classics of Game - Fun compilation of weird moments from games that no one has ever heard of. Appears once every millenium to bless Youtube with clips from some weird Japanese game that features sights and sounds no one wanted to hear or see.
Hbomberguy - Doubt people haven't heard of him. Does political and gaming videos like once a year, and they grow increasingly longer as time goes by. His Pathologic review is probably my favorite video on Youtube.
Matthewmatosis - Not really active nowadays, but did reviews of video games (including Mario and Zelda) from a more critical standpoint. Focuses on design and technical aspects. Feel like his video game analyses are some of the best and retroactively tainted everything else in that style, as everyone else after him seems really surface-level to me.
Woolie VS. - Once part of The Super Best Friends Play group, now streams video games. Somewhat slow in his playstyle, but very genuine and likable.


I kind of like Sam Griffin. He posts covers of video game music on classical guitar. My favourite is his rendition of the Rito Village theme from Breath of the Wild. He also does some comical videos with guitar tips and stuff, but they're a bit hit and miss imho.
Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/SamGriffinGuitar
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Are you strictly looking for gaming channels?
Razbuten is probably the best all-round for me.
I also really like Nerrel even though he posts sporadically and only about his niche interests. His extremely dry sense of humour always has me rolling.
For Zelda, Monster Maze is by far the best there is. His most recent video about the canonicity of the art books really shows how far ahead he is of the competition.

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