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Fun Club the unreleased DS port of De Blob has been dumped..... by a cartoon Youtuber?

Krvavi Abadas

Mr. Archivist

i've certainly heard of Rebel Taxi before, but he definitely seemed like the last person who'd have access to an unreleased game prototype.
thankfully. Gaming Alexandria has also stepped in to provide a writeup on it.
The prototype is an incomplete debug build. It contains three levels, and only the first one is fully polished. It is unknown where on the timeline this build is from, but it’s a safe bet to say that it was close to the game’s cancellation.
in terms of development info, it was being handled by a seperate studio from the Wii Version, Helixe. and was canned after THQ closed them alongside four other studios back in November 2008.
the sequel would eventually manage to get an officially released DS port by Halfbrick in 2011, though it's more or less a standard 2.5D platformer compared to this prototype's attempt at bringing over the core gameplay concept of spreading color around a semi-open city.

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Yeah, Helixe was pretty underrated as their GBA and DS companion games seemed solid, and IIRC they were seemingly underway with a Wii game that was never seen.

A chunk of folks went on the form DoubleTap who made games like that Deadliest Catch Wii game and The Oregon Trail on Wii and 3DS IIRC (neither were good I believe), sadly I think they too shut down not super long after.

THQ killed/spun off a lot of good talent in 2008, they spun off Heavy Iron, Big Huge Games, and Incinerator, but also shut down Locomotive (Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed), Juice Games (Juiced), and ol' Nintendo faithful Paradigm (Pilotwings 64). We lost a Wii-exclusive Red Faction and Stuntman from Locomotive, and seemingly Juiced 3 was a canned Wii-exclusive too.

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