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Music The Postal Service live at KCRW in 2003

Red Monster

Mr. Noodle
Folks, the blessed YouTube algorithm shone brightly on me this evening.

For people of a certain age (millennials mostly, boomers to you young folk), The Postal Service are an incredibly important band. Made up of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie, electronic musician Jimmy Tamborello, and Jenny Lewis from Rico Kelly, The Postal Service released their one and only record Give Up in 2003. The album went on to become certified Platinum and is iconic to this day.

This video was recorded in 2003 during a radio appearance for KCRW in 2003, in the middle of the tour the band went on to support the record. The video quality is bad, but the audio quality is gorgeous. Ben and Jenny sound amazing. Seeing Ben run over to the drums for a couple tracks is adorable. But most of all, it’s wonderful seeing these three playing these songs so soon after the album was released. I never got the chance to see The Postal Service in concert, but this video tells me it must have been amazing. I’m so happy YouTube decided to show this to me tonight.


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