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TV the BBC has finally uploaded (almost) every episode of Doctor Who and it's spin-offs onto the iPlayer service (UK Only)

Krvavi Abadas

Mr. Archivist

as noted, it's to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the series. with plans to create a full website containing various archived materials alongside it.
they've also notably gone through each episode to add full subtitles, audio description, and sign language(!) options for accessibility purposes.

the reason why it's not everything is thanks to the BBC rather infamously having no archival team until 1978, and frequently wiping master tapes to use them on later shows. the amount of effort it took just to get the earlier episodes we have is truly worthy of it's own thread.

as for plans outside the UK, Disney+ currently has mostly worldwide rights for new episodes of the Doctor Who series starting in November. while the pre-2005 and post-2005 (until November 2023) episodes are split between Britbox and (HBO) Max respectively, at least in the US.
making it unlikely a similar deal will happen for a while.

editor's note: while making this thread, someone decided to create an ST for the series. as this is a proper news story rather than a general discussion thead, i'd assume both threads should be able to exist without issue.
And removed just about every way of accessing it in Ireland, going so far as to pull it from Netflix here, despite not offering iPlayer nor BritBox.

Like buddy, BBC, we have a right to your broadcasts, it's not like the RTÉ isn't paying you.

Russel flexing his muscles to get the beebs to stop sucking regarding Doctor Who. It genuinely feels like the beebs hasn't quite bothers since the 50th, so this is wonderfully refreshing.
tubi.tv now has the pre-2005 episodes up for free streaming in the US and Canada. New
Doctor Who fans in the USA and Canada can now travel back in time to the earliest days of the series - for free. Tubi has just added over 600 episodes of the classic series to its streaming library.

The episodes will be organized by Doctor, and Tubi will also provide a "New to Who" collection for new viewers to ease themselves into the intimidating back catalog of the gallivanting Gallifreyan. All of Tubi's Doctor Who episodes are now available to watch for free on the ad-supported streamer.
this partially resolves the mess of streaming rights in the US, as the service is free to use.

the post-2005 episodes still require two seperate streaming service subs though.
I see a fair number of the old episodes (mostly missing ones I presume) aren't on Tubi, but you might not know just from looking. Maybe it's a limitation of the system, but for instance season 5 shows as having episodes 1-22, even though the season had 40 episodes and serials are missing throughout. I see iPlayer's version is also a little weird. No consecutive numbering, but it has 31 of 40 episodes, though some of them aren't there that are on Tubi, like most of The Abominable Snowmen animations.

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