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StarTopic Summer Games Done Quick |ST| Games at up to Any% Off!


Welcome to the Summer Games Done Quick 2022 thread! Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is a long-running charity event where the speedrunning community comes together to raise money for the Doctors Without Borders. SGDQ 2022 will be running 24/7 from June 26th to July 3rd, livestreamed on Twitch.TV, featuring many speedrunners from all over the world running many of your favourite games. Viewers are invited to donate in order to unlock bonus games and events, or to enter in to raffles to win cool prizes. Games Done Quick has raised over 28 Million US Dollars for charity since its inception, making it the largest fundraising event for Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders!

Want up to date info on Games Done Quick events!? Check out Games Done Quick on Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and the Games Done Quick official website!

Doctors Without Borders is an international organization devoted to distributing impartial, accountable, and ethical medical aid where it’s needed most. Founded in 1968 by a group of young doctors seeking to help victims of war and natural disasters, Doctors Without Borders is a fantastic humanitarian organization, worthy of your donations. Find out more about Doctors Without Borders’ cause, history, and programs here: DoctorsWithoutBorders.ORG
Games Done Quick events are partnered with Twitch.TV! You can find all their events (including AGDQ, SGDQ, GDQX, Frame Fatales, GDQ Hotfix, and more!) on their official Twitch page:
Fear not! With Summer Games Done Quick running 24 hours a day, all week long, you’re bound to miss some great runs. Fortunately, it’s easy to find VODs on both Twitch and YouTube. /r/Speedrun has an updated VOD thread with timestamps for Twitch VODs, and GDQ gradually uploads runs to their YouTube channel. Even if you just missed the beginning of a run and want to rewind a short amount of time, Twitch automatically uploads a VOD of streams even if they’re still live! You can find the current stream in the “Recent Broadcasts” header under Videos on the Games Done Quick Twitch page.
Games Done Quick Twitch VODs: twitch.tv/gamesdonequick/videos
Games Done Quick YouTube VODs: https://www.youtube.com/user/gamesdonequick
/r/Speedrun Live VODs Thread: (Link TBD…)​

All events, complete with Game, Runner, Runtime, and Donation reader in a handy format which automatically converts to your local time zone! Plan which days to skip out on work or class, or the optimal time to take a “bathroom break.” Keep in mind that the schedule will shift over time as runs finish under- or over-estimate, and additional bonus events are added.

Want to donate!? There are multiple ways to contribute! Donations can be made directly to MSF via Games Done Quick’s portal. Alternatively, you can buy cool limited time T-Shirt, Buttons, and Banners from The Yetee, an official partner of Games Done Quick. All profits from this merch is donated to MSF via GDQ!
Want to see how high the donation total has gotten? Maybe you want to see the upcoming incentives or prizes? Games Done Quick provides a simple donation tracker!
Q: I really love Summer Games Done Quick, but Twitch chat is awful! Where can I go to discuss the marathon free of spam, bigotry, and bad memes!?
A: We have a long running community which originally started as a private Twitch chat, and has since moved to Discord! Feel free to join us, just please read #info and familiarize yourself with the rules!​

A: Speedrunning is the process of beating a game as fast as humanly possible! This includes the use of glitches. The number of glitches used varies by game, of course, and there are a variety of categories which each utilize different strategies. The schedule entry between the time slot and the system the game is being run on shows which category will be featured at SGDQ, including “any%”, which is beating the game as fast as possible without restrictions, and “glitchless” or “no major glitches” categories which disallow some or all glitches.​

Q: Dang this is so cool! How can I watch more speedruns!?
A: The Games Done Quick Twitch channel hosts an increasingly varied number of events all year around. Other marathons (including European Speedrun Assembly, and a number of tournaments and community marathons) are regularly hosted all over Twitch. Simply searching for speedruns on Youtube, or glancing at the SpeedRuns.com leader boards will give you a host of awesome runs to watch.​
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King B00 Fan
So excited for this! I kept forgetting it’s only a few days away! Thanks for the awesome OP and thread!


Resident Hollow Knight Superfan
So glad it's back to being in person. The last few events have lacked the amazing energy of past events. I've purposely avoided watching any Elden Ring speedruns so I can watch one for the first time live at SGDQ. I can't wait!


Game Builder Garage fangirl
Fantastic thread, great work! I'm sooo much looking forward to this. I've fallen a bit off and haven't kept up with GDQ these past years, but this time I'm definitely watching.


Triangular Tactician
It's that time of the year again! Let's see if I will manage to catch some runs live. Especially looking forward to the Metroid Dread and Kaizo Super Metroid runs. Metroid speedruns are just consistently fun to watch.


King of the Krocs
Wow, it kind of snuck up on me this year. Looks like a lot of good stuff is planned.


Nintendo Pipeline Person
Always love your GDQ threads Nana!! Can't wait to be there in person again. I'll try and post to the thread occasionally with pictures and stuff while I'm there!! It's going to be a great week!! :)


I'm local so I'll be floating in and out as I visit friends. I kind of doubt I'll actually be around the stream room much other than maybe the Mega Man block.


Piranha Plant
I never had any doubt, but I'm so glad they're keeping some runs remote. Really allows so much more variety and engagement.


Rolled Out! looks cool, not my kind of game, but I always enjoy speedruns of these kind of games just for the spectacle.

Enjoyed the Mass Effect run too.


It's dangerous to go alone....
Really excited for Metroid Dread. Such a wonderful speedrunning game to watch. Really sells the mobility of that game.

Zelda races (like Metroid) are also always extremely entertaining so I am quite excited for the Links Awakening Remake race scheduled for today.


Piranha Plant
Does anybody know if in pokemon snap the constant camera changes near articuno were for any run-based reason? I'm unfamiliar with the run, and I got the feeling that it was entirely to minimize the time that un-edited jynx was clear on camera while still allowing for a good picture of pika/articuno to be taken. I can really respect putting in extra work to try to avoid it.

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