Discussion Star Trek: Picard (Season 3) Is Star Trek Back?


I'm about the get into the 4th episode here, but 3 episodes in and I'm liking a lot here. This is basically what the TNG movies I think should've been and while there are clunky aspects to episode 1 and 2 ... episode 3 is quite strong and I'm hearing episode 4 is even better.

Even if Patrick Stewart can't do or won't do another season of Picard I think they should totally at least get Riker, Geordi, Troi, Worf together and have another show based around TNG characters. Honestly they should have done this 10-15 years ago, not sure why "well lets not revisit the TNG crew which was the most popular Trek TV show" was so hard for the people running Star Trek to grasp.


It's definitely the best season of Picard, which has been improving season over season.

I would have preferred the show in general to follow up more on the spirit and vibe of TNG, but I also appreciate that they tried to do their own thing. Even though it was a bit hard to care about all the new characters that were introduced (and then dropped for season 3).

Now bring back Janeway you cowards (and I did love her in Prodigy, the best new Star Trek show).


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The first 4 episodes are surprisingly great. It actually seems like there's a real screenwriter at work for a change! Characters feel in character, and while the plot uses a lot of tried-and-true concepts it executes them well.

Ambivalent about episode 5, and haven't seen 6 yet. That thick blanket of paranoia and anxiety that characterises Nu Trek to me starts to creep in more and more and I hate it. When I tried Disco S2... that was the most miserable television viewing of my life.

Anyways, accepting the encroaching "trust no one" / PTSD / Modern Telly Has To Be Grimdark 'Cause It's Still 2008 For Some Reason elements, those first 4 episodes were a treat. Some extremely well-written conversations - Picard and Crusher come to mind. Captain Shaw, while I had my reservations, is a delight. Will see if I can stomach the rest of the series.

Raffi has to go though. Her scenery chewing would make Kirk or Sisko blush.

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