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StarTopic Splatoon 3 |ST| The Mammal with the Three Golden Eggs (Sizzle Season 2024 announced)

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Li'l Devil
Splatoon 3 Famiboards Startopic


Release Date: September 9, 2022
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo EPD
Genre: Third-person shooter
Game File Size: 5.3 GB
Amount of players: 8 (online/local wireless), 1 (single-console)
Supported Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Hello! I'm an intern from the Squid Research Lab, and I would like to welcome all Squids, Kids, and of course Octopuses (or was it Octopi?) to the Splatoon 3 StarTopic!
This will be your one-stop Splatsville shop for any information and discussion about the fresh new region of the Splatlands.
Keep in mind, not everyone may have completed their investigation into the mysterious fuzzy Octarians yet,

so keep any story spoilers in your tentacles!

"What's Splatoon 3?"
I'm glad you asked! Splatoon 3 is a 4v4 third-person shooter, where you play as a cephalopod-turned-not-so-cephalopod, who shoots ink from a weapon to cover the floor. Your goal in the basic multiplayer mode is not actually to go on a clampage and shoot every moving thing you see, but to be part of the 4-squid squad that has the most ground covered at the end of a 3-minute battle! Being an inky sea creature has its benefits too, as you can turn into Squid/Octopus Form at any time to traverse quickly through any ground, or climb up any wall covered in a color of ink that matches your own. How fascinating is that?!

Now.. let me tell you a little about what's new!

Well, what is new? Everything! Okay, maybe not everything, but there is plenty of content, mechanics and new ways to play to sink your beak into! First up are the...


Before I continue, I would like to quickly mention... EVERYONE IS HE- COUGH SPLUTTER
My apologies! Wrong game! What I meant to say, is that every Main Weapon from Inkopolis is also available in Splatsville! No more worries about not being able to use your favorite tools of mass seastruction. Now for the new weapons!

Introducing the Splatana and the Stringer!

The Stringer is a weapon class not unlike the beloved Charger, however it shoots inky arrows instead! And if you're a fan of being an absolute badbass, the Splatana is just for you. Attack with quick swipes, or charge up a powerful swing for a one-hit KO! These weapon classes will also receive more variations according to our reports! Next up!

Special Weapons

The residents of Splatsville love their chaos, including in their Special Weapons. There are a grand total of 15 massive power boosts you charge by painting the floor. Some are back from Inkopolis, but most of them are brand new in Splatsville!

These include the Wave Breaker and the Tacticooler! When activated, both of these can be thrown on the ground in front of you, but their functionality greatly differs!
The Wave Breaker creates shorebreak waves around it that will mark and damage opponents, however your opponents can use their short yet powerful legs to hop over them. Use it to hold down an area and make it risky to approach!
The Tacticooler has 4 delicious drinks filled with safe¹ amounts of caffeine, one for each member of your team, and when someone collects one, it will give them some buffs. This includes Swim Speed, Run Speed, Intensify Action and it will also respawn you instantly + keep your entire special meter if you get splatted while under the effects! Have a look below for a demonstration.

¹ as tested by 14-year old squids


Inklings and Octolings adore showing off their ink-dividuality, and Splatoon 3 has no shortage of new options for doing so!
There are new hairstyles, eye colours, eyebrow shapes, clothing articles and more!
There are also non-player character options, such as Lockers, Victory Emotes, and Splashtags you can make yours with a Banner, Badge and Title! These can be obtained from a vending machine, or a store in Splatsville called Hotlantis, however due to time restraints our team was not able to gather enough information on said store. I heard a familiar face is employed there though...


Of course, what use would all these drippy options be if you couldn't show them off anywhere? Splatoon 3 contains all the multiplayer gamemodes you know and love, but with a fresh coat of ink! Turf War, the poster child mode of the Splatoon series is back as always, however you now have the option to enter a game with up to three of your cephalopod friends! If you use this feature, you will also be put on the same team once you find other players to fight. I can't wait to team up with my colleagues!
What about Ranked, you ask? Well, the Splatsville residents aren't huge fans of the Orderly vibes of Ranked Battles, so they put their own twist on it...

Introducing Anarchy Battles!

Anarchy Battles are the newest evolution of Ranked Battles! You can choose to play alone in Anarchy Battle (Series), where you fight until you've won five or lost three matches for big point gains, or you can form a team with any amount of players in Anarchy Battle (Open), with lower stakes and more fun!
Of course, with new challenges comes new techniques. It seems the Splatsville species of Inklings and Octolings have multiple new tricks up their tentacles, including the Squid Spawn, Squid Roll and Squid Surge. All of these techniques give you a little bit of armor that lets you block varying amounts of damage. I'm sure these will help to make fights a lot more interesting!


Technology is incredible! Thanks to rapid advancement in transportation technology, Stages in Splatoon 3 feature locations not only from Splatsville, but also from Inkopolis! Below are all stages that are featured in Splatoon 3 at launch, plus two that will be available post-launch!
It seems like there is also a newly installed Terminal next to the Lobby, free for anyone in Splatsville to use. Here, you can access new features such as Replays, Battle Stats and the ability to change your Splashtag and Name. Keep in mind that you can only change your name once every 30 days.
Other Modes
Not too keen on fighting your fellow squid-kids? Well, don't fret, as there are plenty of other activities to do around the Splatlands!

Feeling a little heroic? Why don't you investigate that curious manhole in the Splatsville Square...

What's that you say? Mammals are back?! That can't be! They've been extinct for centuries! Join the Squidbeak Splatoon, now led by Captain 3, and become their new Agent 3 alongside your Smallfry Buddy, to investigate this mystery in the Hero Mode: Return of the Mammalians. You'll be fighting hairy Octarians, yeeting your fishy friend, and figuring out just what the fuzz is going on with that weird ooze!

Now, let me introduce...

Tableturf Battle is the hottest trend among Splatsville youth. It's like Turf War... but in 1v1 turn-based card game form! There are 150 cards to collect, and they all allow you to build a completely unique deck! Perfect for those who love to strategize, but don't want to get their gear dirty.

Now, for our next feature, I'd like to ta
Hey, kid! We need you at the job! Some of your colleagues have been reporting about a Massive, extremely Slimy Salmonid. They've dubbed it "Cohozuna". We're short-staffed, and that giant buncha scales is gonna steal the Golden Eggs! Normally I'd be against this, but... don't be afraid to lob some of those Golden Eggs at it, if that's what it takes to stop it. If you manage to take it down, it'll drop some scales you can trade in for goodies... and I might even think about giving you a promotion. Now get to work!

GRZSTKZKKZZZZTello? Hello? Oh, it seems we're back! Apologies for the interuption, our squinternet just went down for a moment. Where was I?
Right, I was going to tell you about some news here in Splatsville. Recently, it seems like the fearsome Salmonids have become more and more aggressive towards Inklings. It's all over the papers, those fishy fiends have been invading the Stages where they normally hold Turf Wars!

Well, it seems like we're getting close to the end of this presentation! But there is one big thing left to talk about.
Every month or so, Inkopolis residents like to hold an event called a "Splatfest". And of course, that tradition carries over to Splatsville!
Now, since we're in Splatoon "Three", you can't just have "Two" Splatfest teams, which means... introducing Splatfest's Tricolor Turf Wars!

In Inkopolis, many Splatfest participants often felt like the winner was decided before halfway throughout the event, and got bored of just playing simple Turf Wars.
That's why in Splatsville, when a Splatfest is halfway done, you can play Tricolor Turf wars!
The team in the lead will have 4 players starting in the middle, while the other 2 teams get 2 members each from both sides of the stage.
This creates epic 2v4v2 battles, where the losing teams work together to take down the winning team! But that's not all!

A new feature: the Ultra Signal! It appears in the middle of the stage during a battle, and if either of the pairs manages to steal it from the clutches of the cold-blooded tentacles of the defending team, they will receive help from the SPRINKLER OF DOOM!
Who sends this sprinkler out? I'll tell ya! Or rather, I'll show ya! I think it's better if you see (and listen!) for yourself, anyways.

Well, that's all folks! Thank you for listening to this presentation. However, I was not able to cover everything Splatoon 3 has to offer in this short amount of time. If you would like more information, I highly recommend checking out the official Squid Research Lab's website [<-- Click Here!], and do check out our Social Media department as well at https://twitter.com/SplatoonNA

Now... let's dive Back Into the Ink!
(insert epic outro music here)
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Very nice ST.
First Splatoon game since the 1st that I'm getting at launch. Pre ordered and preloaded on my Switch, just waiting till midnight tomorrow to play, quite excited.
This is very well done, though it's a bit too much for my internet to handle.

...which is actually quite fitting for a Splatoon ST
Great job on the OP! I'm really excited about the new campaign. I heard some reviewers say it was as tough as Octo Expansion, which is right down my alley.
My likely last match before 3 ended with an incredibly rare match where 6 people dc-ed, leaving me and a bamboozler, I lost, and then somehow I lost points. I love ya Splatoon 2 but that is not the way you wanna go out
That is a quality OP, well done.

I told myself I was going to wait a while to pick this up, but now that it’s actually here I really want to buy it even though I haven’t even finished Xenoblade yet.
Beautiful ST OP.
Really excited to play this weekend, can't wait to dig into the campaign and salmon run.
One of the best STs I've had the pleasure to read on Fami. Fantastic work!

Can't wait until Friday after work! Gonna play Splatoon with my partner all weekend!
I look forward to splatting with, in, and around you fami.

Great ST btw. It's fabulous.
This is a dang good ST! Also love how colorful it is!

Now all that's left is to wait for the game to release!
TheGameCollection in the UK are sending Splat3 pre-orders via courier due to the Royal Mail strike to ensure release day delivery.

Excited to get stuck into this but I’ll probably follow my usual method of beating the single player mode first before even looking at the multiplayer stuff
This is great ST! Can't wait for tomorrow when (I hope) my preorder copy arrives. Been avoiding all social media since game got leaked so it will be worth it!
Great ST ! Thanks a lot ! It's nice booting up Splatoon 2 this morning and see all the people with a "see you in Splatsville" cards. The fanbase for these games is great
Fantastic ST, tells you pretty much everything we know about the game !

I can't wait for tomorrow. What are you all playing, an Octoling or an Inkling ? I'm playing an Octoling since Octo Expansion and I'll continue.
PSA (for germans and maybe other EU folks): Amazon.de offers the game for 43 Euro.
Fantastic ST, tells you pretty much everything we know about the game !

I can't wait for tomorrow. What are you all playing, an Octoling or an Inkling ? I'm playing an Octoling since Octo Expansion and I'll continue.
Octoling for sure! I've built up an identity around my friends of my character being an Octoling, can't change that now :p
Do any reviews say when the salmon run map changes? Now that it’s always available I wonder how long we have to wait before we play a new map

Amazing ST btw, it’s very fresh
Fantastic ST, tells you pretty much everything we know about the game !

I can't wait for tomorrow. What are you all playing, an Octoling or an Inkling ? I'm playing an Octoling since Octo Expansion and I'll continue.
Octolings have cuter eyes, ears, voices and cephalopod form so there's no contest
Do any reviews say when the salmon run map changes? Now that it’s always available I wonder how long we have to wait before we play a new map

Amazing ST btw, it’s very fresh
We could see some rotations in the demo, it said Salmon Run rotations were 40 hours! And then it instantly turns over to the next one without a wait
Salmon Run was probably my most played mode next to Turf War and Splat Zone. The rotation timing was a real downer in Splatoon 2.

So to me it being available at all times in 3 is worth the price alone.
Echoing everyone else, this is an amazing ST and you can really feel the passion and love you’ve put into it. Thanks for making it and surprising me that yes, I can indeed become more hyped.
Thanks for the excellent ST!

I'm probably going to get the game digitally for launch. Is it easy to play with Switch friends, and if so does anybody wanna pal up? I don't have any Splatoon 2 players on my friend list but it would be cool to know some Splatoon 3 players. My friend code is on my profile About page.
Fantastic ST, tells you pretty much everything we know about the game !

I can't wait for tomorrow. What are you all playing, an Octoling or an Inkling ? I'm playing an Octoling since Octo Expansion and I'll continue.
After two games of playing Inklings, the new Octoling hair options won me over.
Do we have the next round of developer interviews that were supposed to drop this morning yet?


Nevermind, they're up.

Hate to dip so soon after making this thread but I'm gonna avoid all spoilers (including multiplayer) from now on, see you on the other side :)

The date for the first Deep Cut live show is set!

We're planning to host the first Splatoon 3 concert at Nintendo Live, which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight from October 8 to October 9. Every time we hold a Splatoon live performance, we end up watching the show like nervous parents watching over their child, while the audiences cheer the characters on with smiles. (Laughs) We’re checking every detail to prepare for the event, so that we can make this a special opportunity that is unique to the in-person event this time as well. It is planned to be livestreamed on YouTube as well, so people from all over the world can look forward to it, including the setlist.
I've played a few turf war matches in the new Hammerhead Bridge, some notes:
It's way wider and less vertical, might be a little more vertical in some Ranked modes. There's two pillars near your spawn that are inkable and you can spawn on.
Worth buying vouchers and saving a bit? Or maybe you prefer physical so wouldn’t want the other one.
I did think about it but right now I can't afford another 40€ on top unfortunately. I prefer digital as a format but the price is usually a big no and I usually don't buy enough Nintendo games for vouchers
I did think about it but right now I can't afford another 40€ on top unfortunately. I prefer digital as a format but the price is usually a big no and I usually don't buy enough Nintendo games for vouchers
Understood completely. I only bought vouchers because I traded some games against some eshop credit. The energy bills crisis makes blowing £50 on games a big ask.
I was playing 2 before I launched 3, and this definitely seems slightly prettier. Makomart was in rotation and looked better than in 2.
Excited. Don't think I'll break my Splatoon 2 playtime but I hope to play this game for a long time.

Good news for those who want more choices with their Ranked modes:
The two different types of Anarchy/Ranked modes have different modes and stages. For example first one is Splat Zones second is Rainmaker. It only differs on the five matches v. one match style ranked battle.

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