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Discussion Sony's Jim Ryan: We want to be more reliant on first party titles, publishers do not like Gamepass, destructive on an industry level

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Sony Interactive Entertainment/PlayStation President & CEO Jim Ryan:

"We will do what we are doing right now, which is to become less reliant on 3rd Party games and 3rd Party royalties, and to make more 1st Party games. If we double our share of 1st Party games, which are more profitable than the 3rd Party royalty stream, it will bring down our reliance on 3rd Party games." "That is the single biggest thing, and one of the main reasons why we are embarking on M&A. I would like to point out that we are also growing our existing studios, increasing capabilities and their ability to output in various areas including live services. I feel like this part deserves a lot more attention than it currently gets. Large M&A gets all the headlines, but there is a lot going on, and growing your studios organically successfully is a smart thing to do."

Sony Interactive Entertainment/PlayStation President & CEO Jim Ryan On Gamepass:

"I can say with a very high degree of certainty that Microsoft has tried the first path and it did not work at all. That has driven them to make the large acquisition. I talked to all the publishers, and they unanimously do not like Game Pass because it is value destructive, not only on an individual title-basis, but also or an industry level. The recent number of subscribers that Microsoft announced on January was 25 Million. I am sure everyone has their own views on this, but I personally was expecting a larger number given all the money they have spent. We have close to 50 Million PlayStation Plus subscribers. We believe we have a meaningful subscription service."
If this is true it would also explain why third party don't want to put their classic games on NSO
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I dont mind third party publishers not putting their games on NSO
As long as they re-release them in some other way. (Collections, ports, whatever)

Just lemme play dem games man, I dont care what form they are delivered from
Between Phil Spencer being a two faced snake with a huge pile of cash to burn on whatever he wants when daddy Satya gives his approval, Jim Ryans constant whining and moaning and behaving like a spoiled brat, Yves Guillemot being an absolute piece of whatever you want, bobby kotic being another massive piece of whatever, Lars Wingefors failing with whatever he was trying to do. I have to say - I am pretty tired of game execs.
Not sure why this is being tweeted about now when the quote came from the FTC hearings back in July

Edit: looks like a Playstation fan account trying to deal with the Activision purchase going through

Anyway, relating this to NSO, the main reason 3rd parties are deterred from putting games on there is that there's a market for them to be released on their own or as a collection and for them to get the money directly. Don't think Gamepass has anything to do with it.
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"Gamepass is great for game developers. Everyone loves it! I was thinking of putting Horizon: Zero Dawn on Gamepass just the other day, then I remembered I work for Sony! Anyways, Gamepass is a really great value and everybody loves it".

Seriously, what else was he supposed to say?
Gonna need to release more than one dlc pack and one first party game a year if you want to be less reliant on 3rd party games, Jimbo.
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