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Walmart Skyward Sword $40 Digital at Walmart


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Walmart.com Page for Skyward Sword

I'm torn. I love Skyward Sword. Is it true that the Switch 1:1 swordplay and motion controls require more frequent calibration than the Wii version? More importantly, do the Switch motion controls work as well as they did on Wii? I thought I'd heard some concerns about that.

Are there any other disadvantages to the Switch version? Does 60 fps feel good with the gameplay?

Just not sure if I'm gonna pick it up 😃 but it's an awesome deal. And for those who haven't played it before and Switch is your only option, for sure go for it! It's an amazing game.


Also double gold points for Skyward Sword HD right now, even for redeeming a code, so you get 600 points for buying it. It's tempting but because I only have a Lite, it's not a game I'd want to commit to without an option to return or sell if I don't like the button controls.


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This is tempting for sure. But I think I'll hold because I'm really just not in any rush to replay Skyward Sword and I know if I buy this now it'll just sit in my digital library for months.

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