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Discussion Scott Pilgrim Anime gets a trailer, a title, and a release date!!


Must proceed at a high velocity‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ #TeamDecade

Netflix just released the first trailer for the Scott Pilgrim Anime (if you don't count the extremely hype cast reveal) and along with it, a title and a release date!

What we already knew:
  • Edgar Wright (director of the movie) and Bryan Lee O'Malley (creator/writer/artist of the graphic novel) involved as producer and EP/writer, respectively
  • Basically the whole cast from the movie returns to voice their characters
  • Animation is provided by Science SARU (the studio behind Devilman Crybaby and Japan Sinks 2020)
  • Anamanaguchi (composers of the Scott Pilgrim video game OST) are working on the music

What we know now (drumroll, Kim!):
  • It's called "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off"
  • Release date is November 17, 2023!!

I am so ready for this. I have been ready for this for ten years. What do yall think so far??
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Very excited for this. I loved the movie, loved the comics even more. Them getting back basically the whole cast is crazy. Science Saru is a fantastic and very talented animation studio too. And then they even involve Wright and O'Malley? Cherry on top.
It's........actually perfect. I'm tearing up, this is a dream comes true scenario.

I'm seeing people claiming it's 8 episodes long, although I haven't found the source yet.
I'm seeing people claiming it's 8 episodes long, although I haven't found the source yet.
Looks like that comes from Variety's coverage:

The eight-episode series is helmed by animation studio Science Saru, and follows the cult-favorite story of bass-playing title character Scott Pilgrim and his battle of the bands and the exes.

Another fun tidbit from that article is Wright saying the entire cast has maintained a group email chain since production of the movie, so it's one of those only-in-headcanon situations where everyone from the movie is actually friends ❤️
I wonder if Aubrey censors her f████ng messages
Hm... only 8 episodes? That sounds a bit short :/
I kinda thought so too, but if they're like 25-minute episodes that comes out to 3.3 hours, which is a lot more time than they gave the movie. I'd always hope for more no matter what but anything that gives them more time to breathe than the movie got is a win in my book.
I’m one of those people who didn’t think anything of the movie but I’ll watch this
hang on
holy shit


are my eyes messing with me or is this a take on the Street Fighter logo???
What does “basically” mean here? Is anyone not returning? I tried looking this up but couldn’t find any concrete details.
So far the big ones they haven't announced yet are the Katayanagi Twins (though they had zero lines in the film (and the actors reportedly don't speak english) so it would be understandable if they go with new people for the animation), and some of the supporting characters with very few lines like Tamara and Comeau (who very well may end up being the same actors but they haven't announced them yet).

I think Bill Hader is the missing one (he was the narriator)

But it wouldnt suprise me if he was in there too since he does tons of voice work
And Bill Hader, right. But yeah, it would be rad if they brought him back as literally anyone, just as a nod to his participation in the movie

Well. Apparently the anime will be its own thing?

A part of me was hoping it would just be shot for shot, but that probably wouldnt have worked.
I still assume have the same general plot, just with a few new things adapted and mixed around, just like the movie did.
A part of me was hoping it would just be shot for shot, but that probably wouldnt have worked.
I still assume have the same general plot, just with a few new things adapted and mixed around, just like the movie did.
It's probably not a bad idea to kinda do their own thing and not try to cramp all the 6 volumes into 8 episodes 🤔
Well I'm a little BI-FURIOUS!!! (But the opposite). Gonna watch the movie tonight again I think. The full cast did a reunion on zoom and full script read through a while ago that was pretty cool. It's on youtube still I think.
Entertainment Weekly interviewed O'Malley and Grabinski about the series!

That was an interesting read! They all seem pretty enthusiastic about the show, so that's hopefully a good sign :D
Regardless, there is a certain retro quality to the show's take on the profession of Ramona Flowers who, in the books and film delivers packages for Netflix's corporate rival Amazon, but, on the TV show, distributes DVDs for, you've guessed it, Netflix.
I completely forgot about that detail... makes sense changing it though.
Hearing Wallace just hits so diffrent in a post Roman Roy world
They both seem different to me. I know obviously they've aged and it's a different medium even, but it's like Wallace is doing the mellow-whatever thing that Scott did in the movie, and Scott is doing the hyperactive-gremlin thing that Wallace did in the movie 😅
This is... a weirdly good take:

i find it very funny that the other actors are just doing their normal voices but michael cera is actively doing an anime dub voice. feels like he understands the assignment the best.
My biggest issue is the mouth flaps are designed to synch with the Japanese version first and foremost, meaning they don't always match up in English.
I need to find the source but apparently that group email chain was mostly because Michael Cera replied all an email from 9 years ago about a funny meme like no time had passed and Chris Evans was the first to respond with "Michael why the fuck are you replying to emails from that long ago?" and it just snowballed from there; from a how's everyone doing into a LFGGG

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