• So how about that Nintendo Direct? WestEgg, Irene, VolcanicDynamo, and Special Guest Aurc give our thoughts on the June Direct, including a deep look at the Metroid Prime 4 reveal! Check it out here!

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It was pretty mid to me, 3 stars.

I'm not into Dragon Quest or Mario & Luigi, Mario Party is fun but too expensive for what it is, I would have preferred for Prime 4 to be a Switch 2 game.

The new Zelda seems neat.
Mario Party with content, 2D Zelda with playable Zelda, Mario and Luigi revival (effectively killing the existence of mandates or whatever, Prime 4 cross gen, DQ, MVC…

My favorite direct
Great Direct at this point in Switch's lifetime. Maybe not knowing much beforehand is better after all.
Easiest 5 in years.

The Direct had questionable pacing at times and much of the third party stuff was filler to me, but that Metroid Prime 4 trailer, by itself, would have made this Direct a 5 for me.

The new Mario & Luigi & 2D Zelda with playable Zelda bump it up to a 6 if that were an option. Mario Party, DKCR HD, Dragon Quest, MIO, and Fantasian are all also great showings. I have Stray on PlayStation but recommend it as well.
I was thinking more Prime 2/3. WW and TP can come any given time on Switch even after Switch 2 comes out (backwards compatibility, unless they are Switch 2 exclusive instead), but with only Prime 4 announced and nothing on Prime 2 and 3, the dream looks dead for them sadly. Really wanted to have these ones badly.
I'm more of a Zelda fan and I only really want Prime 2 of those. Yeah that's what I meant by cross gen with backwards compatibility. Probably not the best word choice on my part.
Banger Direct. 5/5 no notes.

Me struggling with my desire to buy the Zelda Lite even though I have no use for it:


Me after seeing that wideview landscape shot at the start of the Echoes of Wisdom trailer:


Me after watching the MP4 trailer to cap off the Direct:


Shit, even M&L looked super sharp. Don't have the expansion pack but those are super tempting.

Nintendo after reading comments for months about a quiet last year of the Switch:

Some wonderful variety here. I loved seeing Mario & Luigi 6, and the new Zelda looks fantastic. Mario Party looks like it’ll be amazing especially with 7 boards, and despite not being a Metroid fan, it was a real treat to see the game after seven years of waiting. This was a 5/5 for me.

I would have personally loved to see FE4 remake and a Tomodachi sequel, but there was still so much here that it’d be disingenuous for me to rank it any lower.
5 stars!
I've learned not to hold my breath and take things as they come with the directs even if I was a little hopeful for black and white remakes... but that would be saved for a pokemon direct right?

I'm so hyped for four swords on the switch and Mario and Luigi. That was a really strong start imo.
5 stars - new Mario & Luigi, new 2D Zelda, and a plethora of exciting announcements and ports.

I can understand those that would dock some stars for the amount of remakes and re-releases, but this is by far and away the strongest "final year showing" I can remember from a Big N Console before next gen.
I realise that this direct didn't have a single cgi trailer. And everything releases in a couple of months. I mean a brand new Zelda game will be released on just 3 months!
I loved it, I usually go into these with the thought of "If I see 2-3 games I want to buy i'm happy" well this gave me more!

Mario & Luigi Brothership
Super Mario Party Jamboree
Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom
Metroid Prime 4 Beyond
Donkey Kong Country Returns HD
Marvel Vs Capcom collection

All day one purchases for me, for a console in the last year of it's life this was a banger of a Direct for me.
5 stars - new Mario & Luigi, new 2D Zelda, and a plethora of exciting announcements and ports.

I can understand those that would dock some stars for the amount of remakes and re-releases, but this is by far and away the strongest "final year showing" I can remember from a Big N Console before next gen.

If anything, there were way less remakes / ports than I was expecting, at least first-party-wise. Getting brand new Mario, Zelda, and Metroid all at once is wild in any capacity!
Don't know how the fuck they did it, but this was one of the best Directs ever.

7 years into Switch's life... That's insane.
This is the single best Direct, for me, ever. I have literally never been happier after one.

I only became a big Nintendo fan in the Switch era, and while I've enjoyed games in Directs, and been hyped for them before, this is the first time I was really smiling, like I got something I was excited about.

Mario + Luigi has always been my Mario RPG of choice, having played Superstar Saga on a friend's GBA years ago. Zelda is my favorite franchise, and I felt like there was juice in the 2D games left to explore. And I may have only recently played Prime for the first time, but I've always loved the 2D Metroids, and am so glad that Prime 4 looks great. I got almost everything on my wishlist - the only thing that would have made it literally everything I asked for would be if the HD versions of Prime 2+3 were announced and dated, because I'd like to play them before Prime 4. But this was, in truth, everything I asked for. I am so happy.
One of the best direct of the switch era, not 5 star but pretty close to it (I’m not big on mario party and not interested on another dk returns remake) but dragon quest 3, mario and luigi resurrection, a new 2d Zelda and fucking Metroid prime 4 easily scored a 4 star maybe even 4.5.
If we had gotten the fire emblem 4 remake (that is probably a fake leak now) or a real new dk it would have been an easy 5.
I’ll write a bigger review here later, but this absolutely blew me away. 5 stars easy.
4 stars.

Four PHENOMENAL reveals inside an otherwise mid Direct. How the fuck is Mario and Luigi still alive?!? Mario Party and Zelda look phenomenal. Metroid Prime 4 actually exists, it felt like a CGI trailer but it isn't.
It was a 5/5 for me and the first one I'm rating above 2/5 in a while. Great content and great pacing with Mario & Luigi, Zelda and Prime as the cornerstones. Will be difficult to beat.
How will Switch 2 ever top this?

If Nintendo is bold enough to have such games releasing this close to Switch 2 at the end of Switch 1's focus lifetime, i'm sure they will have one or two surprises up their sleeves both, generally for Switch 2 and for the Switch 2 reveal.
The third parties here sucked ass

Metroid prime 4 was proabaly the msot disappointed I’ve ever been for a game I’ve looked forward two

9 years of dev for, Metroid prime again, I feel like I already played 4.

Mario party AAI, Romancing saga , Mario and Luigi and new Zelda were good though.

But like 4/30-40 games

1 star for sure
I'm very sad

Before the Direct I was one of the people thinking there'd be a lot of first party and people would be surprised, so I went in knowing it would probably be good. Once Mario & Luigi was the only thing showed for the first 15 minutes I started getting a bit worried but I ended up being right.

But I ended up being mixed about pretty much all the announcements ....

The new Zelda looks cool but I REALLY don't like that they reused the Link's Awakening art style. I love that art style but it doesn't fit for a new game the cinematic moments they showed (like the close up shots) at all. It looks kinda uninteresting and the mechanic could easily make or break the game .... it just seems like it might not be that fun to actually play even if I know it will get great reviews and sales.

Metroid Prime 4 looked unimpressive. I don't even necessarily mean graphically but I wanted an art style that was a bit more different from Prime Remastered. The main thing here is the lighting .... doesn't fit a new game at all? Like it looked very basic, the biggest problem here is that it doesn't look like anything new at all it looks very safe. And the logo and name are like a fan game.

The RPGs all looked pretty bad except the Danganronpa game

And .... Mario & Luigi looked great! A big rough around the edges but I liked how inspired it was.

Capcom's ports were actually more hype here than I was expecting.

That's it. In retrospect I'll probably love this Direct but being mixed on Zelda and Metroid killed it for me. Oh, and Donkey Kong. 4/10
4.5 stars for me: the highs were like exploring the Tal Tal Heights with the heroic theme playing; the lows were enough for me to stop paying attention.

Biggest positive for me was obviously Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, because I've been on the 2D Zelda train this year believing it would come, and I felt refreshing 2D Zelda by making playable Zelda was the right move to make, so it's really pleasing to see it come to fruition and to know it's out pretty soon.

Next, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. I like the visual style, which looks like a smart evolution of Metroid Prime 3's aesthetic: a little more, well, either cartoony or perhaps painterly would be more accurate than Prime 1, with a somewhat slimmer suit. What we saw must be the very beginning of the game, but there was enough of a tease at the end to see that it's not the action-fest the initial footage went for.

Dragon Quest III 2D-HD being real, sounding and looking glorious, and looking gorgeous; even though I've never played it, it gives me chills. I can tell I'm in for a special RPG and I really look forward to it. I'm also really pleased to see I and II will follow, because I've also never played them. But the presence of DQ3 and brand new Zelda later this year has really elevated 2024, and I'm really excited to see Prime 4, finally. Those three games were the three peaks for me.

The other positives: Fantasian on Switch. I'm obviously an RPG fan, so I'm glad to see it coming to console. While I'm a bit down on the Mario-fest we're enduring, I would say I'm definitely interested in M&L: Brothership. That and the Mario Party announcement were two more positives from where I'm standing. Firstly, M&L returning shows Nintendo are still committing to medium-tier series even in an age of increasing budgets and uncertain development arrangements (new 2D Zelda another sign of that). Secondly, Mario Party being pitched as the 'biggest' yet shows there's some responsiveness to what fans want from the series after the previous two entries, which is good even if it's not for me. It was also nice to see things like Marvel vs Capcom and more Phoenix Wright; again, they're not for me, but they're titles that have been difficult to get so it's nice to see people have an option. A pretty meaty Expansion Pack update was icing on the cake.

DKCR: HD was something I predicted and while it'll be the definitive edition of a very good game, I'm a bit burnt out with Nintendo's full price approach to even the minimal remasters.

The negatives would be that pretty much all the rest of the third party content did nothing for me, which is a shame. But, Zelda, Metroid, Dragon Quest, the return of Mario & Luigi elevated this into something really, really strong. 2024 just got much better and 2025 is already exciting.
Prime 4, new 2D Zelda with playable Zelda, Mario&Luigi, new Mario Party, DQ3 and 1+2 HD, Zero Mission and Perfect Dark, DKC Returns in HD with the 3DS levels

This was a me-targeted direct. 5 stars, no question
A strong 4/5 considering it's the Switch's last year! Lots of good announcements for multiple franchises, a cool opening and closing too.
4 stars easily. There were a couple slow periods during the 3rd party segments, but I really enjoyed most of it. The NSO stuff was exciting, too. Now I can finally start the Metroid series!
I'm really excited for the new Mario & Luigi, Zelda, and Mario Party games. They all look fantastic and I'm glad Nintendo is making new games instead of remakes.

But I gave it two stars as I was crushed by how bad Prime 4 looked.
Weak Direct overall, I don't get the overexcitement for this, really.

Metroid Prime 4? Okay, that was a big one. Outside of that, we got mostly spin offs (many of them sequels to already tired ones), remasters and collections. To me, it felt like a system in it's final days with the typical efforts we could expect for that.

I hope Nintendo is holding their big guns for the Switch 2 announcement.
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Really solid Direct. I expected mostly ports since we're at the end of the Switch's life.
Alright so a new 2D game where you play as Zelda, re-using the LA engine. She has a different play-style, but otherwise it's a somewhat standard top-down adventure game. Link is absent because he is stuck on Koholint.
Also I CALLED IT. Best announcement of the Direct for me, I really want to see more of this game.
New Mario & Luigi, DKC Returns port, Dragon Quest I, II & III remakes, New 2D Zelda starring Zelda, Stray on Switch, Ace Attorney Investigations Collection, Metroid Prime 4!!! Can't remember a Direct that was as good to me as this one. 🥹 Seems unbelievable with a new console (most likely?) coming out next year...
i wish i could change my vote, this was not a 5/5 direct.


New Mario Luigi, New Zelda, Prime 4, DKC Returns, Fantasian, Ace Attorney, DQ1,2 and 3 HD.

like, wtf!
If Nintendo is bold enough to have such games releasing this close to Switch 2 at the end of Switch 1's focus lifetime, i'm sure they will have one or two surprises up their sleeves both, generally for Switch 2 and for the Switch 2 reveal.

New 3D Mario is a given, but I have no expectations beyond that... For the better
I give it four stars for Brothership, Romancing SaGa 2 remake, and the DQ games. That RS remake was a very nice surprise. Love that game.
The funniest thing about this Direct is that the whole we only need one or two lines of Mario RPGs thing dies now .... we have SMRPG, TTYD and Mario & Luigi so it's a free for all now which gets a sequel!
Missclick, but I think it‘s a 5-star Direct for me. For an aging console that is basically on its last legs before the introduction of a new console generation, this undoubtedly is as good as it gets.

DQ being the alleged 1-3 HD-2D remake, a NEW MARIO & LUIGI, Fantasian, MARIO PARTY, A NEW GODDAMN 2D ZELDA GAME, METROID PRIME 4.. the list goes on and on. The smaller surprises were also rly well done! New Switch Sports update, Perfect Dark on NSO.. wow.

Oh, and new Ace Attorney content makes this the automatic GOAT Direct, I don‘t make the rules.

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