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Discussion Post your PlayStation Showcase bingo card for a chance to win a prize!


Hot-Footed Frog

The PlayStation Showcase is almost upon us, a very exciting time for Famiboards. To celebrate the excitement in the air, I am offering a $10 PSN gift card to the person whose 5x5 bingo card has the most lines filled.

The template is here:


I will only consider winning bingo cards whose guesses have a reasonable degree of specificity. For example, predicting the presence of a developer (e.g. Capcom) is not sufficient, you must list what game this developer will bring (e.g. Monster Hunter 6). If you are a predicting an already-announced game (e.g. Spider-Man 2) to be at the Showcase, be specific about that game will present (e.g. gameplay demonstration, story trailer).

Here is an example of a bingo card with reasonably specific predictions:


For a potential tiebreaker, please also predict how many times Jim Ryan will say the words "best" and "greatest" in the Showcase.


eat me, slowly
Wait, this is on Wednesday already? Time flies by.

I don't have PSN but I'll put up a bingo card because it sounds fun. I'm more out of the loop regarding Playstation compared to Nintendo, and I'm not even that in tune with Nintendo, so this will be tough. Have fun with my silly predictions!



Dead or Alive
Thanks for the template!
Here's mine, not interested in the prize (but that's really cool of you):

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