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Discussion pics that go hard


Is it bad that I was really confused about all this until I saw the Buffalo Wild Wings logo and then went "ah of course"
On a tangent here, but isn't "Jersey" a word for shirt?

So "New Jersey" means "New shirt", in that case? And it's a shirt with the text "New shirt"? That will be there even when the shirt isn't new anymore?

Isn't that false advertising?

The ol' New 3DS problem

Ever wanted to see George Lucas about to hit J.J. Abrams with a Raging Demon?

__ __ __ ___ __ __ __
\ V V / / _ \ \ V V /
\/\/ \___/ \/\/

Edit: Oh geez that was a disastrous fail.

Ya know that

I ain't fixing it. I'm owning my fail. Lap it up, yall

Found it on vinyl for $30 last year. Letter B, Count It Higher and Hey Food lowkey slap

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