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News Nintendo officially announces live-action Zelda film, produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad, directed by Wes Ball

On the one hand, good. They are avoiding falling into the LOTR trap, which is absolutely not the right approach for Zelda.

On the other hand, there is something inherently perverse in "live-action Miyazaki" which makes you question why we are doing this in the first place.
probably because they're not looking at Miyazaki from a medium standpoint, but a filmic technique
it really ends up being much further removed from reality. it’s part of why everything feels so hollow. tv shows made by tv-show-watchers. echoes of echoes of echoes.
ironically this is something miyazaki has complained about

A live action Ghibli movie is a terrible pitch. Miyazaki's movies don't have particularly great scripts, they're enjoyable for their atmosphere and animation and their stories often hang on a thread. Not the sort of thing you get from blockbuster live action movies at all, you'd need to have like an auteur film maker do it and even then I would be skeptical.

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