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News Nintendo of America restructuring testing center, could impact over 100 contractors

Just because this type of contract is clearly precarious does not alleviate the shock of losing your job. And just because it’s a shitty situation often not chosen doesn’t mean we discover today what being a contracter means.

The labour law that provides this type of violence sucks. It’s a structural problem.
Yup. I spent four years on fixed-term contracts at a workplace I loved, but moved on exactly because, so long as I went contract to contract, something like this could always happen far more easily than it would if I had a permanent job and because it was impossible to securely plan for my future. A colleague of mine in the same position wasn't offered a further contract after several years in the same position and, while they'd rationally known that could happen, it was still devastating for them.

Even though I chose to walk away, it was still a sad decision to have to make, and it was caused by insecure contracts being a structural feature of the particular sector I work in (and sadly far too common across society in some countries).

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