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StarTopic Nintendo General Discussion |ST31 Apr. 2024| Famicafé Forever

I just remembered I have to buy groceries this Thursday. I promised my grandaunt that I'd bake her a cake for her birthday, since she liked the German chocolate cake I made for Thanksgiving. I was thinking this time, I'd making Egyptian Milk Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake. I made one back in middle school for a group project and I think I got an A on it (it was 17 years ago, so the details are a little fuzzy), but I definitely remember it tasting good.
I’ve been slammed and had some disruptions at work that required too much attention, but will have a jazz post tonight or in the morning!
lol I remember getting this entirely based on the screenshots and being sooooooooooo disappointed
I remember fishing it out of the bargain bin and having a blast :D Cheesy AF and a total Squaresoft late 90's/early 00's bop

Soundtrack totally slaps in a "but we have Yuzo Koshiro and Tekken Sound Team at home" way

It'd be nice if we ever got a Dream Factory compilation from S-E at some point

EDIT: It's probably worth pointing out that The Bouncer OST composers are the same duo that did Racing Lagoon and Final Fantasy X-2 (and one of them contributed to Chrono Trigger and the first two Front Mission games) 😍 Which just reinforces one of the great things about Squaresoft: even if the game was a dud, the OST usually wasn't!

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