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StarTopic Nintendo eShop |ST May 2022|


For puzzle fans: there's a Draknek Direct tomorrow for upcoming games from Draknek & Friends. They have a lot of games on Switch, and I would expect some Switch games here too



Piranha Plant
Something I thought was a little interesting and relevant to this thread. Thunderful games (formerly Image & Form) has 4 Steamworld games in development and has given some description/target dates of them in their recent financial briefing.

Steamworld Headhunter (2023) - Was announced last year. Third Person action adventure game.
'Strawberry' (2023) - Mobile puzzle game.
'Coffee' (2023) - City building game for PC and Consoles.
'Caramel' (2024) - Turn based tactical shooter and strategy game for PC, Consoles, and Mobile. Sounds like a Steamworld Heist sequel.

No idea on the exact platforms of the console games, but Switch seems likely since their games have always done well on Nintendo platforms.

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