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StarTopic Nintendo Direct Speculation |ST7| It’s Showtime People! Famiboards Productions Proudly Presents: What Lies Beyond The Door? Act II - Rebirth

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I felt like this was a solid Partners Showcase. Its mostly filler content, no major AAA releases were announced, but there was something for everyone in there. Some people will be very happy to have a new Monkey Ball, and others will be excited for Star Wars Battlefront. Epic Mickey will be a popular release for those that remember it fondly from years ago but also as a brand new experience for younger gamers. I'm looking forward to Contra, was glad to see more Rare games added, and World Of Goo 2 looks cool.
Yo! Super hyped for Ender Lillies 2 that was amazing! World of Goo 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Penny, and Pepper Grinder I’m all excited about. Endless Ocean looks intriguing, not sure if it’s for me or not. Very cool it’s a new game.

I walked away with nine things total I’m interested in. Very pleased there.
Not going to lie, when I saw the Rareware logo, I was hoping for a little more (Banjo-Tooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark…), but I’m glad I can try Blast Corp! Sad that Pac-Man World 2 didn’t make it - I really hope it’s not one of those 5 canceled games Namco had - but overall the presentation wasn’t bad. Not sure if I’ll personally be buying anything, but most stuff objectively looked decent. I think it’s cool a brand new Endless Ocean game is happening. I’d try it and maybe other things if I had more money and free time, but as things are I’ve become picky for my own good. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait long for the next big show! (April?!!?)
I was wishing that we'd get an English release for Good-Feel's new Goemon Successor, Mameda no Bakeru. Unfortunately, if it's not coming out this "late" in the Switch's life, we're probably not going to see it :(

Ender Lillies 2 seems cool. And is SMT5 Vengeance more akin to SMT4 Apocalypse than just a complete edition??
Thank you everyone for an awesome Speculation Thread! I had such a blast hanging out with you all these past two months and I’ll never forget both the chill and wild times we shared! Hope you all got at least a few games you were excited about from the Partner Showcase. With the next big Direct seemingly around the corner, we’ll be back here speculating together again very soon :)

Hope to see you all in General Discussion and around the site in the meantime. Intermission starts now :)
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