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TV New ‘South Park’ Made-For-TV-Film Dropping in June on Paramount+



Via The Hollywood Reporter...

South Park: The Streaming Wars will drop exclusively on the streaming service on June 1, MTV Entertainment Studios announced Wednesday. This marks the third of 14 films creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone agreed to when they signed their $900 million ViacomCBS deal last year. The fourth made-for-TV film will arrive late summer.

According to the description for Streaming Wars, “Cartman locks horns with his mom in a battle of wills, while an epic conflict unfolds and threatens South Park’s very existence.” The 15-second teaser video does not offer much more than that plot note.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


I can lift a solid two leaves 🍃
Streaming wars? I hope this is as good as the console wars. And what makes this exciting is we are definitely going to get more Mickey Mouse and whenever Mickey shows up you know things are going to get dark and intense.

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